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The Journal of Transhumanism, at http://www.transhumanist.com/ ,
is pleased to announce that we have published volume 3:

J. of Transhumanism, Volume 3, December 1998. 

    An Exploratory Survey Examining the Familiarity    
     with and Attitudes Toward Cryonic Preservation 

                   by Scott Badger

A consumer survey designed to measure familiarity with and 
attitudes toward the idea of cryonics was conducted over the 
internet.  A total of 517 responses were examined in an effort 
to clarify the relationships between (1) the reported level
of familiarity vs. the accuracy of responses, and (2) 
demographic variables vs. attitudes and dispositions toward
cryonics.  Results indicate that (1) those claiming superior 
familiarity do not have superior knowledge, (2) a number of
those surveyed have significant misconceptions regarding 
cryonics, and (3) important attitudinal differences exist 
between demographically diverse groups.

Robin Hanson  
RWJF Health Policy Scholar             FAX: 510-643-8614 
140 Warren Hall, UC Berkeley, CA 94720-7360 510-643-1884     
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