X-Message-Number: 10999
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Sloppy. Neuro. Expansion. 
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 08:32:52 -0000

I've often found a bit of a sloppy attitude if Cryonics logistics will work
or not when the time comes. Many seem to depend on its enough to sign up and
hope for the best, since it used to work and the Cryo-orgs. are doing a lot
to make it work at the end. But its probably a lot of effort for them to
keep up with laws and regulations at each place beforehand; We better do
that ourselfs. When the time comes, its to late to help it up.

I took up CI's and Bob's ideas and prepared an undertaker with E-mails,
called him up today and learned a lot.
The worst problem as have to be changed, we need a customsclearance during
officehours weekdays to get out.
Instead of embalming it can probably be changed with what we wish, I'll
check that up.
They have fridges and freezers. And like to work on solving problems
beforehand as he had done.
The next step later can be an affiliation to build a freezehouse within the
area of graveyards, and call it burial as may be allowed.

He knew a little of Cryonics and remembered first neuro, a headless matter
giving us bad reputation.

There were no objection of selling this as the third alternative (not neuro)
from his place. So far I've only seen another one do so yet in the whole
world. Havent anyone tryed that more yet for expansion?
I dont have the time, but if no-one else will, I may do it as I use to with
a personal matter being a profession and make some money on the way as wasnt
meant from the start.

Sincerely Long Life
Thomas Nord
(Back on track at 8 AM without time to check the grammar)

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