X-Message-Number: 11
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: meetings and conferences
Date: 17 Aug 1988

Here is some news on upcoming cryonics-related meetings and conferences.
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown

ALCOR NYC Discussion Group (Cryonics Society of New York)
This is a new cryonics group that meets the third Saturday of each month;
the next meeting is this Sat. Aug. 20 at 7:00 PM at the El Paso restaurant,
(212) 673-0828 and (212) 473-9432, 134 W. Houston St., between McDougal and

Sullivan, New York, NY.  CSNY will meet in a room at the back of the restaurant.
CSNY plans to establish a local emergency cryonics support capability for
ALCOR suspension members in the New York area.  Guests are welcome.  For more
information call:
    Gerard Arthus    (516) 273-3201
    Al Roca          (201) 352-5268
    Curtis Henderson (516) 589-4256
Note: Gerard Arthus and Curtis Henderson are touring all the cryonics groups
in the country this month and Al Roca is the only available New York City area
contact during August.

ALCOR Business Meetings (Guests Welcome)
These are normally on the first Sunday of the month at various member's homes
in the LA area.  The September meeting will, however, be on the second Sunday
of the month (Sun. Sept. 11), starting 1:00 PM, at the home of:
    Paul Genteman, 535 S. Alexandria, #325, Los Angeles, CA
Call ALCOR at (714) 736-1703 (and page the technician on call) for directions.

Immortalist Society Dinner Meetings
The Immortalist Society will have only two dinner meetings in August (because
Robert Ettinger and Mae Junod will be busy with wedding plans).  These meetings
will start at 6:00 PM:
Sat. Aug. 20 - Lido on the Lake, 24028 Jefferson, St. Clair Shores, MI
	(313) 773-7770
Sat. Aug. 27 - Buggy Works, 29335 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, MI
        (313) 553-9090
Call (313) 545-3454 or (313) 545-9015 for more information.

American Cryonics Society Meetings
Sorry, I don't have any current news on their meetings, although I know they
do have some in the Bay Area.  Call (415) 397-3386 for more information.


Life Against Death Conference in San Francisco
This conference will be on Labor Day weekend Sept. 2 - 5 at the Clarion Hotel
at the San Francisco airport.  It will be similar to the (highly successful)
Life Against Death conference given Memorial Day weekend in Ontario, CA.
Registration before the weekend costs $25. for members of ALCOR or the Life
Extension Foundation and $50. for non-members.  Registration during the weekend
costs $25. more.  Lodging for the conference at the Clarion Hotel will be
$55./night for both singles or doubles.  Call 1-800-841-LIFE for information.

Here is a summary of the preliminary program:

  Fri. Sept. 2
  7 - 10 PM - informal gathering

  Sat. Sept. 3
  Reversing Aging, Garry Gordon, MD
  The "Death" Hormone, Robert Parker, Ph.D.
  Advances in Suspended Animation Research, Jerry Leaf and Mike Darwin
  Nanotechnology - Implications for Life Extension, Ralph Merkle, Ph.D.
  Survival and Recovery of Memory, Thomas Donaldson, Ph.D.

  Immortalist Politics - Keith Henderson (founder of L-5 Society) and Arel Lucas
  Sun. Sept. 4
  The Cryonic Suspension of Dora Kent, Saul Kent, Mike Darwin, Jerry Leaf, and
                                       Carlos Mondragon
  Cryonic Suspension - How It Can Save Your Life, Mike Darwin
  Signing Up for Cryonic Suspension, includes attorney Jim Bianchi to 'explain
  	with model trust documents how you can attempt to "take your money
        with you" when you sign up for Cryonic Suspension'
  Investing in Life Extension, Saul Kent
  My Personal Story, <several people>

  Mon. Sept. 5
  Life Extension Video Show - video documentaries on life extension, cryonics,
        nanotechnology, etc.  It will include (if available) a recent British
        documentary that presents a description of the scientific basis for
        Cryonic Suspension.

Life Against Death Conference in New York
This will be a one-day version of the other Life Against Death conferences that
will be on Sun. Oct. 30 at the Marriott hotel near LaGuardia airport.  Call
1-800-841-LIFE for more information.

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