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From:  (Lawrence C. Foard)
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Subject: Re: Long term unattended storage
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Date: 4 Aug 92 02:21:51 GMT

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(Perry E. Metzger) writes:

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(Lawrence C. Foard) writes:
>>Has anyone thought of constructing a large very well insulated facility
>>in a remote region, that could be insulated to the point where it could
>>remain ok for years incase of civil turmoil. Preferably such a facility
>>would be located in the permafrost someplace so that even if left for
>>decades the people would atleast remain frozen and possibly reviveable.
>I don't think its practical. You'd need a vacuum dewar the size of a

I'll have to see if I have any references with the thermal properties of
various substances. Refrigerations benefits enourmously from scale, not only
is the surface area to volume ratio lower as you get larger, you can also
use much thicker insulation. Maybe you could get away with rectangular
evacuated sections for the walls (several layers incase some break). 

>Besides, security is also an issue; in times of unrest, I
>prefer to know that guards will be watching over me, rather than
>letting some nutty fanatics like the ones we've seen on the net
>destroy me "for the good of the world".

But a facility in a city is the worst place to be in unrest. If it
was located in antartica it would only be accesable to a culture with
some level of civilization. And wouldn't be worth the bother for people
in a civil war to attack.
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