X-Message-Number: 11002
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 09:42:53 EST
Subject: cracking etc

Keith Dugue (#11000) asks how brain cracking can be avoided, in view of the
fact that different parts of the brain presumably have different coefficients
of thermal expansion.

First, as previously noted, actual experiments with CI procedures on sheep
heads and cat heads, involving slow cooling, show no visible cracking on
either a micro or macro scale. (See our web site for detailed reports.)

Explanation? My guess is that any differences in coefficient of expansion are
not sufficient, or not sufficiently abrupt, to produce a noticeable cracking.

As for the 21CM methods and results, we are waiting for useful information,
and will make these methods--or anyone's--available to CI members either as
standard procedure or as special options, at the appropriate time and price.

And the usual reminder: Those who defer a commitment, while waiting for the
situation to be clarified or improved, may die while waiting. If you make a
choice and a commitment now, you can always change later, if you so decide, at
no great cost. If you fail to commit now, you may never get the chance--either
because you die first, or you lose your insurability, or you lose your
competence, etc. Just about every week or two we get the too-late phone call
and the sad refrain: "If only (I, we, he, she) had acted sooner!"

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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