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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Long life?
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 06:23:00 -0000

I still havent made up my mind whats the best but get my doubts from a few
days of recent Yahoo news only, in the same area.

Mesa Man Commits Suicide - (MESA) -- Mesa police are investigating why a man
committed suicide in a busy mall parking lot. Police pursued the man out of
Fiesta Mall yesterday. He stopped in front of a restaurant and then shot
himself in front of several people, including children.
FBI Involved With Trujillo Search - (MESA) -- The F-B-I is now involved in
the search for a man wanted for at least eleven east valley robberies.
Twenty-three-year-old Joe Trujillo is considered armed and dangerous after a
recent hold-up in which he allegedly shot a woman at a Guadalupe Texaco
station. He's also wanted for robberies at dry cleaners, a pizza parlor and
at least one convenience store.
Man Arrested For Early-Morning Murder - (GLENDALE) -- Glendale police have
arrested a man for shooting to death another man. David Shank allegedly
waited outside of Ronald Hermanson's house for the man to leave for work
early yesterday. Shank fired several shots, killing Hermanson, before
fleeing. Shank reportedly thought his wife was having an affair with the
Shooter's Arraignment Date Set - (PHOENIX) -- The man who got into a deadly
gun battle with Phoenix police has been officially indicted for first degree
murder and aggravated assault. Twenty-six-year-old Samuel Rotondo will be
arraigned December 31st for the shooting that left an eleven-year-old
innocent bystander dead last week. Prosecutors are considering asking for
the death penalty

Thomas Nord

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