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From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Cryonics FAQ Available! 
Date: 5 Aug 1992

Subject: Cryonics FAQ Available!

Thanks to Tim Freeman for coordinating (and doing most of the writing for)
the Cryonics FAQ!  Since it is quite large (50K bytes) I am not sending
it directly to everyone on the mailing list, but I do encourage everyone
who wants a good overview of cryonics to read it.  To receive a copy of
the entire FAQ, send email to me with the Subject line "CRYOMSG 0018".
Also, you can retrieve individual sections, rather than the entire FAQ, by
sending email with the Subject lines "CRYOMSG 0018.1", "CRYOMSG 0018.2", etc.

    0018 - Cryonics FAQ (50K bytes)
    0018.1 - Cryonics FAQ Section 1 Index
    0018.2 - Cryonics FAQ Section 2 Science/Technology
    0018.3 - Cryonics FAQ Section 3 Philosophy/Religion
    0018.4 - Cryonics FAQ Section 4 Controversy surrounding Cryonics
    0018.5 - Cryonics FAQ Section 5 Neurosuspension
    0018.6 - Cryonics FAQ Section 6 Suspension Arrangements
    0018.7 - Cryonics FAQ Section 7 Cost of Cryonics
    0018.8 - Cryonics FAQ Section 8 Communications
    0018.9 - Cryonics FAQ Section 9 Glossary

We encourage your thoughtful feedback on this edition of the Cryonics FAQ.

                              Kevin Q. Brown
                              UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb

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