X-Message-Number: 11016
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 15:36:25 EST
Subject: Happy new year


Some news from France... Some months ago, I have taken a new Internet address
to give an access for people not on line. That was done after some talks about
science on the net and such subjects as longevity and cryonics.

After a start with 3 amateur scientists and some hope, the result has been
rather chilling. no one was interested in a long term information exchange.
Today, all amateurs are back on video games and sci-fi novels.Nobody is
interested in life extension or cryonics here...

Three weeks ago a fire burned up my flat in Paris, 2 computers was destroyed,
I am now back to the 386 era. If I get some money from insurances, I hope to
invest a part of it in a cryostat. There will be at least one practical
element, even if nobody is interested.

Season's greethings (sorry to be late!).

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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