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Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 14:11:36 -0600 (CST)
Subject: WHAT elephant?

In Message #11004 Peter Merel stated that, " Even the originators of the "water 

sphinx theories and accompanying dates have recanted them. There are certainly 
odd things to be 

accounted for in Egypt, but it doesn't pay to believe everything you hear on the
Channel. For recent information on this stuff, one site in particular is
really top notch:
Peter Merel."

I have gone to this site and as of 14 August 1998, Graham Hancock's statement 
indicates that the 

"originators of the 'water weathering'" STILL see the Sphinx as many thousands 
of years older 

than the Egyptologists claim due to water weathering as defined by the 
geologists who have 

examined the evidence.  This was the most recent statement or news on that issue
which I was 
able to find there.  Where exactly did you find information to the contrary?

Here is what I understand to be true:

The body of the Sphinx was carved out of the limestone bedrock.  

That "body" clearly shows rain-induced water-weathering.

The last time it rained in Egypt was 12,500 years ago.

Reminds me of Jimmy Durante in THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH when he was trying to 
"smuggle" an 

elephant out in plain view.  Upon being challenged, "Where are you taking that 

Durante leaped in front of the huge beast, as if to hide it and shouted out, 


BEFORE the body was carved out of the bedrock it could not have been weathered 
by rain.

AFTER it was exposed, there needed to be rain to cause the weathering.

RAIN hasn't been falling there for 12,500 years.

BUT Egyptologists still cling to their fairy tale that the Sphinx is only about 
6,000 years old.

SOMEONE is ignoring the ELEPHANT!

Again, I was using this as an example of how otherwise intelligent men of 
science defend dogma, 

ignore facts and impede progress because of identification with a role.  It is 
an old story in 

the history of science to see this blindness repeated century after century, 
always having to 

wait for the "old guard" to die out so that new rebels can rise, embrace new 
facts and create 
new calcified dogmas.  And on and on.

This is a critical issue when we are attempting to gain popular acceptance of 
cryonics and 
convince scientists to open their minds in my opinion.  

I am suggesting a single psychological cause lies behind the closed mind: 

To know the enemy is a wise first step.  

Regarding anything, if there is new evidence, I will embrace it.

I am not my opinions.

Neither is anyone else.

Believing does not make it so.

-George Smith

"Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity - and I'm not so sure
about the 
universe. -Albert Einstein

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