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At 09:38 PM 12/31/98 -0800, Hara Ra wrote:  

<x-quoted>>>Does anybody here believe in the soul? If so is it a tangible

>>What would happen to it in the even of Cryostasis?   


>My partner Andrea is a cryonicist and believes in soul. She doesn't care 

>much for Cryonet, due to the admittedly nerdy rationalist atmosphere on

>list. I have CCd this note to her and feel free to make contact...  


</x-quoted>Hello Michael,  


Yes, I do very much believe in the soul. Or, I should rather say: I know 

and experience my soul, quite tangibly at that! Just one breath and  

becoming still and I am fully in it.  

At One with That, with the great mystery of being, of life, of mind. I


had too many experiences of the numinous and am dwelling more and more in 

the peace and the ecstasy of this sacred union, that I could even begin to

ignore or deny or doubt the reality my soul.  


I will copy a letter I sent to Cryonet when I unsubscribed, since I was  

asked for my reasons for unsubscribing. I don't believe it was ever




"I am pursuing (besides being a signed-up cryonicist) an entirely

avenue towards immortality. It is a conscious 'labor of love' to manifest 

the Eternal in the body. This process began for me when I met the Mother 

(in Pondichery, South India) and became familiar with Sri Aurobindo's  

Integral Yoga, which begins where other spiritual endeavours end.   


Sri Aurobindo and the Mother brought not only the vision but also the  

reality of a true transformation of our current half animal/half human  

species into a true divine human being. He calls it the Supramental Being.

An essential part of that transformation is the defeat of Death.  


When the mind is silent and open to receive the promptings of a higher  

consciousness and the vital (the emotional body) is cleared from all its 

turmoil and is peacefully at one with the Beloved (this is where all  

traditions end), the space opens for the very cells of the body to become 

conscious and to surrender to That, to choose only to manifest, what I


to call, the Divine, which is the Truth of our being. (Not some outside


I became a cryonicist, because I don't believe that this transformation, 

the divinisation of the body, can be fully realised in my lifetime. And  

rather than reincarnating, yes I do believe in reincarnation too (!), and


having to start all over again with the forgetting, the formation of the 

ego and then all the work of becoming conscious again, I have leapt to the

possibility of returning with all of my present and ever evolving


intact. What an exciting adventure!  


So, thank you for asking your question! It prompted me to finally express


myself to the cryonic community. I guess, I was waiting to see if there


any opening for this kind of an awareness. Please do post this and if any 

responses occur, could you fwd these to me, or suspend my unsubscription 

for a while?"  



If you feel so inclined or have any further questions, please email me.  







Andrea van de Loo <<>  

Blessed be the Great Mother who transforms us all.  


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