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Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 03:54:30 -0700
From: "Tony B. Csoka" <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #11045 - #11047
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M.Schepps wrote:

> I really agree with Thomas Donaldson on the information that the soul
> really is just a conglomerate of thoughts, experiences and  things that
> make up our lives that combined make us who we are, but since this is
> constantly changing, I feel that the proposed "uploading" wouldn't really

> work that well.         The only part of our memories that would live forever 
> the parts directly after our memories are copied, that may grant
> immortality to a version of you (V 1.0) but still whatever actions,
> memories and experiences that have occured since the uploading took place
> are gone, so the part of you that can be downloaded and revived is only
> Version 1.0 while you die V 1.4 (or something of thatl ilk).    Any
> comments?  


	I understand what you mean, but I think this scenario is way better
than having all your memories lost forever. Would you feel that your
identity had been lost if, say your memories of the last five years of
your life were wiped out? I suppose according to "fuzzy logic", you
would have partly died, and that is much better than completely dying!
Secondly, some people may even choose to have particularly unpleasant
memories erased, or particularly good ones shared!


Tony B. Csoka, Ph.D.

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