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Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 16:25:50 +0100
From:  (John de Rivaz)
Subject: Quantum Mechanics

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> Quantum questions are relevant and highly uncertain. (!) If we really
> do live in a "multiverse" with vast numbers of near-duplicates of
> ourselves, questions proliferate almost as fast as the variations. (I hope
> the "multiverse" proves false, because the implications seem grisly. If
> "anything" and "everything" actually happens--to you!--this is surely a
> tragedy beyond imagining, because only a tiny subset of the possibilities
> are happy ones

There is also the suggestion by QM that nothing has happened that has not 
been observed. Thus the famous cat whose life is dependent on a geiger 
click is neither dead or alive until someone has observed which it is.

If the multiverse conjecture is correct, then any individual cannot observe 
a universe in which he is dead. But if anything is possible, then there 
must be some universes in which he lives for ever. It is also likely that 
those universes (or probabilities) in which he is dead are preceded by his 
being miserable. Could it be that what our consciousness perceives is the 
most probable outcome of everything that has happened to all our versions? 
As we advance into old age, then things have to appear that extend life. 

Are the other beings that we see around us real in the same way? We have all 
observed Carl Sagan, and that he rejected cryonics and is annihilated. But 
the Carl Sagan consciousness may still exist in other universes where he has 
used cryonics or encountered a technology that cured his illness or *indeed 
the most probable universe never got it in the first place.*

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