X-Message-Number: 11067
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 16:40:57 -0500
From: Bozzonetti <>
Subject: Up loading media is comming.

Information, brain mapping and uploading.  

We can collect information on our life, that may be useful as a memory
help after cryonics or after alzeihmer if that condition can be stopped at
a certain level. This is the line of action pursued by K-Sandrix for


Brain mapping or soul copy is a far more ambitious project using high

Then is the artificial medium able to run that information, a step in that
direction has been done (see New Scientist, January 9 99 p. 3 and 4.)  

Hugo de Garis of Advanced Telecommunications Research in Kyoto is the
principal architect of an artificial brain build under contract by
Genobyte in Boulder . The brain uses FPGA ( field programmable gate array)
made by 

Xilinx, a company in San Jose, Ca. The brain will contains 32 768 neural
modules, each with 1152 neurons. This is a near 40 million neurons brain,

at least 10 000 time larger than any other artificial system. It is well
beyond the 800 000 neurons in a bee neural system for example. That brain

must be running a robot kitten this spring, a larger brain with up to one

billion (10^9) neurons must follow in two or three years. This is only a
factor of 10 or 20 from our own brain.  

Uploading gets a step closer to reality it seems...  

Long Life,  

Yvan Bozzonetti.  

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