X-Message-Number: 11091
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:25:52 -0600 (CST)
Subject: 2 questions - 2 suggestions

Question 1:

In regard to these concepts, has the cryonet exchange included an examination of
case histories 
involving amnesia patients as well as the issues surrounding identical twins?

I see no sense in redundancy if you are all already familiar with these 
examples, but from many 

of the exchanges I read here it would seem there is either a lack of familiarity
or a dismissal 

of the relevance of at least some of the more telling evidence.  If this has 
been covered, I'd 
like to read it.

Question 2:

Also, recently Professor Ettinger wrote a bit more regarding his concept of a 
"self-circuit".  I 

find this concept fascinating and important.  I still don't understand exactly 
what he means.

Professor Ettinger, will you be treating this in greater depth in your upcoming 
book or is there 
some resource I can go to in order to better grasp your concept?  

Suggestion 1:

I think it might be useful to indicate, perhaps in a signature at the end of 
cryonet posts, if 

the writer is already signed up for cryonic suspension.  I can see where this 
might serve 

several purposes such as adding an awareness of who is definitely already 
committed, as well as 

demonstrating to new readers without question that that is the case.  Several 
times I have 

assumed that a writer was so committed and discovered they were, in fact, not 
even on the fence 

regarding the subject.  Strictly a voluntary action is suggested here, not 
enforced information 

Suggestion 2:

Offering slogans as they occur to you to become a part of future advertising 
campaigns.  For 

example, "Stand Up for Life!  Cryonics"   or "Death can be defeated now! - 
Cryonics"  or 
"Cryonics for Life!".  A little brainstorming could prove useful.

-George Smith
Cryonics Institute suspension membership in place.

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