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A place for familylife? Next time to move, perhaps its better in EU? We also
have warm places, less lethal animals in and out of housingareas, often
fresh air and good tapwater. Any such place near enough an Cryo-org now?
US infrastructure seem to depend a lot on lawyers cars and guns. Its another
matter if used to it.

Saturday, 2 January 1999
            '99 checks in bloodily with 4 quick killings

            Jim Davis,
            The Arizona Daily Star
            Detectives mark where bullet casings were found at the Palmdale
shooting scene. One person was killed and three were wounded there when
gunmen fired into a crowd of at least 20 revelers.

            By Sarah Tully Tapia
            The Arizona Daily Star

            Four people were killed and three wounded in unrelated incidents
early yesterday that included a possibly gang-related shooting at a New
Year's party.

            It was a bloody start to 1999 and a busy night for police, who
can't recall when four unrelated homicides were reported in such a short
period. The first three calls in the four-hour period came within 90 minutes
of one another.

            ``We certainly don't believe it's the beginning of any kind of
crime wave,'' said Tucson police Sgt. Judy Altieri, a department
spokeswoman. ``It could have happened on any given day. . . . One thing we
want to stress is, they all appear to be isolated incidents with very
different circumstances surrounding each one.''

            Four people had been arrested as of last night.

            Yesterday morning's incidents came after a busy, although not a
record, year for homicides: 54 in the city and 29 in Pima County.

            In the most dramatic of yesterday's homicides, one man was
killed and three others shot when a few gunmen disturbed a southside New
Year's party at 3:56 a.m.

            The gunmen began firing into a crowd of more than 20 people
attending the backyard party in the 200 block of East Palmdale Street at
South Third Avenue, near Ajo Way and South Sixth Avenue, police said.

            Angel R. Arriola, 19, died after he was struck in the chest as
he stood by a car, said Officer Manny Ochoa of the department's gang unit.

            ``We started the year off on a bad foot already,'' said Henry,
who refused to give his last name. He lives at the house and is a friend of
Arriola's father.

            Police detained two people yesterday but had not arrested them
as of last evening, said Detective Sgt. George Rodriguez.

            Police believe the shooting could have stemmed from an earlier
argument at the AM/PM gas station at South 12th Avenue and West Irvington
Road. Rival gang members likely were trying to get back at someone at the
party, Ochoa said.

            Investigators were unsure whom the gunmen were targeting and
whether it was an individual or a group of people, Altieri said.

            A neighbor, Hector Hernandez, said two or three shooters were
wearing masks and fired from across Third Avenue.

            Hernandez's stepson, Hector Hernandez, 17, was hit in the head
and face, said his mother, Mary Villegas. His condition was unavailable last

            Villegas said her son, a bagger at a Fry's Food and Drug Store,
was sitting in a van waiting to take a friend home when he was shot.

            One of the three others shot refused treatment at the hospital,
Altieri said. The condition of the third victim, James M. Matters, 21, was
not available last night.

            Police found about 50 spent rounds from at least two guns on
both sides of Third Avenue, Ochoa said.

            Police served a search warrant on the house last night to look
for guns. They were planning to serve more warrants last night, Rodriguez

            Henry said he was inside when the shots were fired.

            ``I didn't even hear it,'' Henry said. ``I checked my kids to
see if they were all right. I walked outside, and it was already done.''

            Investigators were stretched to the limit yesterday morning,
Altieri said. At least 17 detectives were called out initially from the
homicide, neighborhood crime, gang and aggravated assault units.

            Altieri said investigators from other units were called in to
keep the officers fresh.

            Investigations are continuing in the three other homicides:

            * The first reported shooting at 3:03 a.m. was between apparent
friends who lived in the same trailer park in the 2400 block of North 14th
Avenue, near West Grant Road and North Oracle Road.

            Marvin D. Coleman, 57, allegedly shot his neighbor, Mark A.
Roads, 36, outside his trailer, Altieri said.

            Altieri said the motive is unclear and there was no sign of a

            ``That is kind of weird,'' Altieri said. ``We have no reason to
believe they were in a fight and one ended up shooting the other.''

            Coleman was arrested and taken to the Pima County Jail, where he
is facing a first-degree murder charge, a jail spokesman said. Bond was set
at $1 million.

            * About 4:30 a.m., police were called to the scene of an
accidental shooting at a home in the 7500 block of East Tamara Place. That
is near East Stella and South Prudence roads.

            Paul F. Jesson, 42, was apparently handling the revolver when it
went off and the bullet struck Jose Monge, 19. Monge was taken to Tucson
Medical Center where he died.

            Monge is believed to have been a friend or acquaintance of
Jesson's daughter, Altieri said.

            Jesson was arrested on a negligent-homicide charge and is at the
Pima County Jail. His bond is $25,000.

            * Police found the body of a middle-aged white man in a ditch
near Interstate 19 and West Ajo Way at 7:15 a.m. The victim, whose name has
yet to be released, had suffered injuries, but the cause of death has not
been determined, police said.

            Richard R. Derr, 42, and John R. Deherrera, 47, were arrested on
first-degree-murder charges and are being held at the Pima County Jail. Derr
is also facing three charges of failing to appear in court.

            Bond has not been set, a jail spokesman said. The victim and two
suspects are believed to be homeless.

            Police thought they might have had a fifth homicide victim when
a call about a woman found dead in a midtown home came in about 8 a.m.
yesterday. Homicide detectives responded, but it was determined that Angie
Humphreys, 41, was killed in a house fire. See related story on Page 1B.

Mvh Sincerely Long Life
Thomas Nord

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