X-Message-Number: 11097
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: reply to Mr. Platt
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 00:45:35 +1100 (EST)

Hi everyone!

Should I reply to Mr. Platt, or not? 

Well, as for Australia, I FOUNDED the Australian cryonics group, and did
lots of work when I first lived there to make it successful. When I left
Australia, I thought for a while that it would collapse --- mainly because
it looked like we could get any member frozen except one, ME. But it did
not collapse, and is now bigger than when I left. Not only did it not
collapse, but all the work of preparation I did when I was there must
have helped out: the Australian group has been responsible, directly or
indirectly, for two suspensions. I was an active cryonicist when I lived
in Silicon Valley, too, and now that I'm in Australia again I will be
active here once more.

I will say, though, that because of the damage caused by my brain tumor,
I am unlikely to be very good at the actual activities involved in
rescuing someone. However I would be happy to simply be a gofer in that
case. I am not put off by seeing dead people, but I do feel sad

Your answers and your postings seem to assume that if we post on Cryonet
we do nothing else, and show ourselves to be less active cryonicists
than you. I'm glad (really!) that you are active, but the fact that YOU
are active does not imply that no one else is. That is how your
statements sound. Moreover, you seem reluctant to learn anything new which
might pertain to cryonics (unless it comes from those you know). If you
read even a few issues of PERIASTRON you will realize that both the
question of identity and the question of how memory works are very
empirical questions, NOT philosophical only. I will send you references if
you ask for them.

And both questions bear very much on our survival. Even if we work out
some means to freeze brains without damage, it doesn't follow that
afterwards every suspension will do that. Quite the contrary, if you have
read (have you?) accounts of previous suspensions you would notice that.
By understanding how memory and identity work, we will understand just
what damage a relatively poor suspension may cause. 

Not only that, but philosophy is not something to be ashamed of. Many
cryonicists, even firm and active cryonicists, realize very well that
they are likely to be revived in damaged form. And by thinking and talking
about survival of identity, they are working out just how they feel about
that. As I said before, you seem to have no problems at all with that
issue. How nice for you.

After all, just what is cryonics but a different philosophy about death
itself? And why shouldn't those who are concerned about that philosophy
and its implications discuss that point? 

As for citing references, page and journal, you know or should know that
doing such is a very good way to stop all conversations. I'm prepared to
give references for anything which is not my own idea, but that's not 
what Cryonet is for. As for you, just where are YOUR references? You
seem to know very little about me and my history, and spend your postings
(I note that you TOO are guilty of posting on Cryonet, crime of crimes)
blaming all the other posters for not being active in cryonics.

			Best and long long life for all,
			    (even Mr. Platt)

				Thomas Donaldson

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