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From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: CRYONICS #110 - Re: Perpetuities
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I in turn don't really see what your problem is.  If we require that the 
cryonics society do any specific thing with our money, then we are 
(after 1 life plus 21 years, et cet) violating the rule against perpetuities.
That is what I meant.  Sure, a cryonics society could take out its own 
insurance against the possibility that patients in its care might suffer
destruction.  That's not to the benefit of the patients destroyed.
If I understand the kind of arrangements you're discussing, they require
that you somehow be able to set up financial arrangements which will 
still be in force after the perpetuities period.  That's just not real.

Now cryonics societies of course can enter into contracts, etc.  If and 
when cryonics becomes "respectable" a cryonics society could enter into 
arrangements (just like a bank) to protect itself from 
financial failure.  Such arrangements are only for the future now.

As for perpetuities, the essential point is that IT DOES NOT MATTER what kind
of arrangements we make.  At the end of the perpetuities period, some person
or institution must receive that money totally free and clear, to do 
with whatever they or their Board of Governors want.  Legally they can spend
it on wine, women, and song.

This problem is why we have cryonics societies, actually.  But I'd like to 
hear your comments on what I've said so far.

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