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Subject: Alcor Laughlin Chapter Minutes
Date: Sun,  9 Aug 92 22:43:54 PDT

                SUNDAY JULY 19TH 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

   Mary Beth              Jolina Lucero           David S. Reyes
   Art Gerstztyn          Charles Platt           Jerry Searcy
   Eric Klien             Susan Platt             H. Jackson Zinn
   Don Laughlin

Change of Dates 

The next two Alcor business meetings in California have been moved up 
a week.  The reason is that the July 4th holiday and Labor day 
holiday interfere with first Sunday meetings, so Alcor decided to 
move up those meetings as well as the meeting in August between those 
meetings. Therefore the August and September Alcor Nevada meetings 
have been moved to the third Sunday of those months.  After 
September, we will go back to our second Sunday of the month meeting.  

Change of Time 

Beginning with the September meeting, the meeting time will be 
changed from 5:00 PM to 1:00 PM.  Please arrive promptly at these 
meetings as Don must leave them by 3:00 PM.  

Free Rooms 

Don Laughlin has agreed to give a free hotel room on Sunday nights to 
anyone who attends our Sunday meetings.  You should call a week in 
advance to confirm that the room is available.  

Special Guest -- Charles Platt 

Charles Platt and his soon-to-be wife, Susan, attended our meeting.  
Note that I probably spelled Susan's last name wrong but I expect 
Susan to correct her name to match my minutes.  

Unfortunately, I suffered yet another car break down which limited 
the impact of his visit.  While Charles was able to spend a lot of 
time with Don doing his interview for his book, he was unable to 
spend much time at the meeting after I arrived.  (Charles drove ahead 
in a separate car.)  Because of this breakdown, I will be buying a 
new car.  I am looking for a four door sedan for between $20-$30K.  I 
will either buy the new LH cars or a Japanese car.  I am open to 

At the meeting, Charles talked a little about his book and a lot 
about his magazine, Cryonet Digest.  This magazine will reprint the 
best of the postings on the net.  It will appear eight times a year.  
$2 buys you a copy of the first 20-page issue, due in August (cash 
only).  $7 for four issues or $12 for 8 issues (cash, or check made 
out to Charles Platt).  Send your money to Charles Platt, 9 Patchin 
Place, New York, NY 10011 

While Charles was in town, Jerry Searcy and I had some fun with him.  
The highlight of our time with him was when we went to the Tropical 
Heat show at the Rio.  Not only is this show managed by Cindy 
Piturka, a local Alcor member, but the star of this show was in the 
hospital so Cindy filled in and took over the lead part.  The show 
was very good and it sure didn't hurt that Cindy got us in for free 
including two free drinks per person.  

Special Guest -- H. Jackson Zinn 

H. Jackson Zinn also attended this meeting.  He is President of the 
International Cryonics Foundation, was co-counsel on the Mitchell vs.  
Roe case that Alcor recently won which made cryonics legal in 
California, and has considerable experience in cryonics law.  

He suggested that we compile a database of lawyers sympathetic to 
cryonics.  This would be very useful in local emergencies.  To get 
this idea off the ground, I have agreed to maintain this database for 
now.  Send the lawyers that you know about to me!  

He also mentioned that Carlos had visited the ranch that Don Laughlin 
wants to give us at least twice.  This ranch is 60 miles east of 
Kingman and is in a very seismically safe area.  The worst earthquake 
there since 1830 was between a 3.0 and 3.5 on the Richter scale.  The 
advantages of this over the proposed building in Scottsdale are that 
it is much cooler and it is farther away from any cities where 
rioting could occur.  The disadvantage is that it would take longer 
to deliver liquid nitrogen, you have to deal with mountain lions, and 
there isn't much of anything to do nearby.  It would probably be 
better suited to be a storage building for patients than to be the 
building where our headquarters are located.  

Special Guest -- David S. Reyes 

David won six gold and six silver medals in the Senior Olympics last 
year.  He came to America in 1958 and studied theology and herbology 
at Pacific Bible College in Portland, Ore., and remains physically 
fit with a regimen of exercise and a diet of fruits, vegetables, and 
fruit juices - no pork rinds and beer to pollute his system - and 
mentally fit by repelling negative thought.  

"It's got to balanced", he said.  "Some people are very good at 
exercising, but what do they say when you ask them what they eat?  
Junk food." 

David passed around a booklet called "Old Age Begins in the Colon".  
This booklet covered information about the dietary fiber psyllium, 
everyday stretch routines, a Nutritional Meal Planner, and other 
useful information.  If anyone wants copies of this booklet, please 
send me mail and I'll send you a copy.  

Future Guests 

At our next meeting, H. Jackson Zinn will be attending again.  He has 
lots of marketing ideas of how he can get our local chapter to grow.  
Come and hear them!  


Jerry and I have completed our EMT training.  In fact I just got my 
certificate today -- I am EMS Certification No. 52045.  Jerry and I 
are the lowest level in the EMS system, but we now at least know 
something.  It is unlikely that we will go further in the system, but 
along with Cindy Piturka's level two EMT certification we now have 
some medical expertise in this area.  

At this point we are waiting for Don Laughlin's employees to begin 
their training.  It is expected than an equal amount of level one and 
level two EMTs will be trained.  Once their training is complete, 
then all of us will go through an Alcor certification course at one 
time.  After the course, we will buy two kits, one for the Las Vegas 
area and one for the Laughlin area.  

Just to be safe, I contacted the Clark County Health Department about 
storing drugs like Heparin.  They got back to me a few times, but 
never with an answer.  I plan on contacting the attorney general for 
Carson City (our capital) and asking them for an answer.  

Fire Department 

As I mentioned earlier, an Alcor member was told by the Acting 
Paramedic Coordinator at the Clark County Fire Department that our 
bracelets wouldn't be honored.  At the suggestion of Carlos I wrote 
to him and he ignored me, at the suggestion of Austin Tupler I had 
Don Laughlin's lawyer write to him and he ignored the lawyer, at the 
suggestion of Sterling Johnson I arranged a meeting with him.  
Luckily, when I called to arrange the meeting, a new person had taken 
over the job so he didn't know about the letters.  He agreed to send 
a memo to all relevant fire departments about our bracelets.  I sent 
the information that will be contained in the memo a week ago and 
expect to distribute copies of the memo that is actually used at the 
next meeting.  

Oh, and for those who know that I always dress in wacky T-shirts and 
faded jeans -- yes, I did wear a power suit to the meeting.  Even 
bought new shoes that actually fit.  


A lot has happened since the last minutes where I promised to speak 
at the Southern Nevada Astronomical Society.  First, two days before 
the meeting I was able to contact Richard Shock who had a copy of the 
slides.  The reason that I had such a hard time contacting someone 
was that Alcor was doing a million suspensions at the time.  Richard 
Fedexed the slides the next day, and I received them the day of the 
meeting.  I gave the presentation that night; this was my first 
public presentation of cryonics.  

After attempting to follow the boring script that came with the 
slides, I quickly came to the conclusion that it would be best to 
wing it.  I did wing it and the presentation went quite well.  I cut 
it short about ten slides from the end to adjust to the attention 
span of my audience which I think was a good idea.  As a bonus, a 
reporter from the Sun was there because Lonnie Hammagren is pretty 
famous in Las Vegas.  Whether he's minting his own money (Dupees) or 
putting a 2/3rds replica of a space shuttle on one of his homes, he's 
always getting some press.  

After the presentation, I was too busy to go to the library to check 
to see if the reporter had run an article on us.  The Sun is a left 
wing paper so I don't subscribe to it.  I planned on eventually 
checking to see if an article was run, but I found out the easy way -
- the local NBC channel called me about it.  The article was quite 
favorable so here it is from the science section of the Sun: 

             Alcor hoping cryonics will mean a longer life 
               Members plan to be frozen for the future 
                          By Debra D. Bass 

Eric Klien of Las Vegas wants to live forever.  

He is betting on cryonics to make that dream a reality.  

Cryonics is a process in which critically ill or dying individuals 
are placed in a state of suspended animation in hopes that future 
medical advances will enable them to be restored to their former 

Klien plans to take full advantage of the technological wonder.  

"I've never been in favor of dying", he said.  

Klien belongs to Alcor, a nonprofit organization that offers cryonics 
services to its members.  

He introduced the newly formed local Alcor chapter at a meeting 
Wednesday of the Astronomical Society of Southern Nevada.  

Alcor is the largest cryonics organization in the world.  There are 
25 people being stored at its facility in Riverside, Calif.  About 40 
people have been frozen worldwide.  

The group presupposes that medical capabilities will improve 
substantially in the coming years, and assumes that innovations will 
enable doctors to resuscitate patients now in cryonic suspension.  

"Today's technology is very primitive", Klien said.  

But science has made leaps and bounds in the last 50 years.  Medical 
professionals can revive patients who would have been left for dead a 
few years ago, and considering that, today's standard of death may be 
obsolete in another 50 years, Klien argued.  

All Alcor members wear a bracelet with instructions stipulating their 
medical wishes.  Klien plans to have his entire body frozen in the 
event that he meets with an illness deemed fatal because of today's 
medical limitations.  Some Alcor members plan to have only their 
heads frozen.  

Those individuals hope to have the rest of their body restored by a 
cloning process.  Klien said science now has the capability to clone 
a cow, so the prospect of cloning a body is not that far-fetched.  

The minimum cost of whole body suspension is $100,000 ((wrong)) and 
the head-only process costs about $42,000.  Most members arrange to 
have the process paid by their life insurance.  

Alcor has six local members and 300 worldwide.  The local group's 
meetings are conducted at the Riverside Hotel in Laughlin once a 
month.  Hotel owner Don Laughlin joined the organization in March 

The initial membership fee is $300, with yearly dues of about $260.  
The fees are used to fight legal battles and improve suspension 

University of Nevada Regent Lonnie Hammargren, who hosted the 
Astronomical Society meeting at his home, said "There is some merit 
(to cryonics)".  

However, Hammargren, a Las Vegas brain surgeon, was skeptical of the 
process used to sustain the brain.  

He said the operation must be completed while the patient is still 
alive because, "When the brain is dead, it's a useless organ.  It 
cannot rejuvenate itself." 

Klien made it clear that Alcor offers no guarantee of life in the 
future.  It merely presents an alternative.  

What I liked about this article was that it managed to mention both 
Hammargren and Laughlin while putting a pretty good face on cryonics.  
The result of this article was that the local NBC station wanted to 
feature us on their news programs.  Alcor sent them some footage of a 
suspension and I provided them with the blue book plus Ron and Cindy 
Piturka, two local Alcor members.  The special, hosted by local 
anchor, Sue Tripathi, was even more favorable than the Sun article.  
It was entitled "Medical Miracles" and compared the status of 
cryonics today to that of CPR twenty years ago.  The special was run 
at least three times during the Olympics, at 6 PM, about 9 PM, and at 
12 AM.  To give you an idea of how favorably it showed us, they 
showed a clip of Lonnie Hammargren saying that Cryonics had merit 
without including any negative statements from Lonnie as the Sun 
article did.  Note that this TV special didn't contain any of the 
factual errors that the Sun article had.  

Oh, in addition to this local publicity, HBO will be running a 
special in August that will feature cryonics.  

Information from Curtis Henderson 

We passed around this "Fog from Foggy Bottom" from Curtis Henderson.  
It contained information about the formation and nurturing of local 
groups, training suspension technicians, cryonics youth, research, 
third party grief (Fields v.  Pilgeram), e-mail, and vitamin clubs.  
I would be willing to make copies of this newsletter at request.  

Curtis also sent me the book "Cryonics Reports - Vol. 3, 1968" and 
the book "Cryonics Reports - Vol. 4, 1969".  I would be willing to 
lend these books which contain bound copies of the magazine Cryonics 
Reports to those who are interested.  

Information from Charles Hartman 

Charles mentioned that the January 1992 issue of Esquire mentioned in 
"Great Moments in Dubious History" that a Colorado surgeon, Henry 
Swan, said that he had discovered a chemical that allows human beings 
to "pseudo hibernate" for a day or so.  This discovery was in 1978.  

Charles asked for details about the investment program mentioned in 
Cryonics.  Here are the most recent recommendations that our 
committees have made, note that only the TCW transaction was 
accepted, as the board wanted to "think about" our suggestions for a 
month.  Note that this "thinking" will easily cost Alcor four 
figures, or five figures on an annualized basis.  

The Patient Care Trust Fund Advisory Committee has met via telephone 
and recommends the following actions: 

1) Close the Pacific Horizon bank account to simplify matters.  
Transfer this money to the Charles Schwab account.  2) Close the 
Benham Adj Rate Govt Sec Fund in order to get a higher rate of 
return.  Transfer this money to the Charles Schwab account.  3) 
Accept the offer to receive one share of TCW at par for every five 
shares that we have.  We should accept this offer based on the 9.51% 
premium that TCW currently sells at.  This will give us a bonus 
return for the past month of 9.51/5 = 1.902% or 22.824% annually in 
addition to the average 9% return that this fund returns.  4) Invest 
$100,000 of the money in the Charles Schwab account into the recently 
reopened Fidelity Low Priced Stock Fund.  5) Invest $100,000 of the 
money in the Benham Income & Growth Fund.  6) Invest the remaining 
money into the Scudder Short Term Global Fund.  7) Notify our 
committee when either these actions have been done or have been 

In addition to the bonus return from TCW during this past month, 
Scudder Short Term Global Fund is now up to an 8.8% return per month.  

Note that $1100 was lost due to the four week delay in implementing 
our suggestions last time for an annual loss of $13,000/year.  This 
is not including the loss caused by our inability to make 
recommendations last month since we hadn't received any confirmations 
of our trades by the last meeting.  (The lack of confirmations was 
due to the fact that the trades were done only a few days before the 
last meeting.)  It is hoped that there will be a much smaller delay 
this time.  

The Endowment Fund Advisory Committee has met via telephone and 
recommends the following actions: 

1) Close the John Hancock Cash Management Fund, John Hancock U.S. 
Government Securities Fund, and Benham Adjustable Rate Government 
Securities Fund to get a higher rate of return.  2) Put $200,000 in 
the Scudder Short Term Global Fund.  3) We have decided that buying 
utility stocks would be a very good idea because a) they give a good 
yield b) outperform the Dow over time c) fluctuate little as the 
October 1987 crash showed.  Unfortunately, there are no good no load 
funds for utilities so we have decided to create our own.  We 
recommend that you buy what Steven Leeb of Personal Finance calls 
"The fierce some foursome".  With the remaining money in our fund, 
spend an equal amount on the following utilities: Duke Power, 
Southern California Edison, Dominion Resources, and Kansas City Power 
& Light.  The symbols are DUK, SCE, D, and KLT.  4) Notify our 
committee when either these actions have been done or have been 

Additional non investment suggestions: 

1) Send duplicate statements for both the Patient Care Trust Fund and 
Endowment Fund to the executive officers (Carlos Mondrag n, Dave 
Pizer, Paul Genteman, and Hugh Hixon) and to the three advisors that 
are currently on the PCTFA committee and EFA committee.  This will be 
a lot cheaper than hiring an internal auditor to watch these books.  
It would be easiest if we just told Charles Schwab to do this for us.  

2) Require that all checks written for over $10,000 on the Patient 
Care Trust Fund and Endowment Fund need two signatures.  One of the 
signatories should not be a board member.  This will help convince 
people that our books are being maintained honestly.  

Additional areas that we are investigating: 

1) We are considering moving our accounts to Canada to protect us in 
case of civil legal suits.  We must check first if a) this will 
really protect us b) if Canada will require us to separately file for 
tax free status there.  Note that Canadian trading is not much more 
expensive than U.S. trading.  

Non advisory committee recommendations: 

1) The budget that Alcor is following should be made available to the 
board of directors.  The board needs to be told how money will be 
spent if it can advise us on how it should be spent.  

Charles said that "The Seed of The Woman" was written by Arthur C. 
Custance who is at address Box 291, Brockville, Ontario K6V 5V5.  He 
received his copy from the Ramaker Library, Northwestern College, 
Orange City, Iowa 51041.  This book which we could use for religious 
groups includes a lot of useful information based on the Xeroxes of 
some of the material that Charles sent me.  

Charles asked about the prepaid suspension plan.  The answer is that 
he would have no direct control over the funds, as in picking a 
family of mutual funds for the money.  If he wants direct control, he 
should form a trust as David Greenstein did.  The process of getting 
such a trust accepted by Alcor is very complicated, for more details 
on how David Greenstein did it, contact the Alcor Boston number in 
the back of an issue of Cryonics and ask for his number.  

Charles sent me a videotape about his business.  Thanks Charles!  

Charles also sent me information about Scott A. Kjar's Libertarian 
newsletter.  I happened to see Scott A. Kjar yesterday and I 
appreciate the info.  

Recruiting Members 

The Las Vegas Review-Journal ran my free ad for a fourth time.  It 
worked last time, producing David Reyes.  I will run it again.  

I will soon do a mailing using Saul Kent's mailing list to people in 
Southern Nevada.  I am working on this mailing with Jackson Zinn.  If 
Saul's mailing list is too small I will also use Longevity magazine's 
mailing list.  This mailing will mention our meetings plus offer 
cryonics related literature for sale.  

I recently sent information to the main talk radio show in town and 
will contact them in the near future.  

Next Meeting 

Our next meeting will be on the third Sunday of next month, August 
16th, at 5:00 PM at the executive office in the Riverside casino in 
Laughlin, Nevada.  Take 95 south from Las Vegas, through Henderson, 
where it forks between 95 and 93.  Bear right at the fork and stay on 
95 past Searchlight until you reach the intersection with 163 a 
little before the border with California.  Go left on 163 and stay on 
it until you see signs for Laughlin.  You can't miss the Riverside 
Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  For more information, call Eric Klien at 
(702) 255-1355.  I'll be car pooling there with other Las Vegans.  

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