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From:	Ben Best <>
Date:	Mon, 10 Aug 1992 20:00:00 -0400
Subject: cdn cryonics pool party


      On Saturday, August 8th the Cryonics Society of Canada had
its second annual Pool Party at the home of Bruce Waugh. Jerry
Arthus had planned to come with Curtis Henderson from New York,
but his van broke-down. The weather was not good -- intermittent
torrential rain. Nonetheless, ten people did show-up and we were
able to gather in Bruce Waugh's living room during the rains. And
there were enough dry periods (and it was warm enough) that we
were able to do some swimming and use the barbeque.

     The conversation was interesting and productive. Revisions were
made to our formal appeal the the BC Government concerning its
anti-cryonics law. And the person who drove from Montreal for the
occasion seems more determined to make cryonics arrangements for
himself. He also wants to be involved in cryonics activities in the
Worldcon to be held in Florida this coming Labour Day Weekend.

     Bruce Waugh and his wife are looking forward to hosting the
event again next Summer!

                      -- Ben Best (ben.best%)
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