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Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 12:46:12 +0000
From: Damien Broderick <>
Subject: Re: MSM

I passed along Dr Ettinger's post on MSM to a medical friend.  He comments:


I didn't know much about DMSO, but I decided to look a little into it.
MEDLINE has almost nothing on it, so I did a Web search. Oddly, the best
page I found was a sports therapy page, which offered an opinion close to
the way I see it (judging by the evidence available to me).

It's at:

I note with interest, your text from Dr Ettinger saying:
>According to the authors, MSM is about as non-toxic as water, and is
>over the counter at health food stores.

Which is interesting given that the Website above has the following
information on side-effects:

"With all of the possible benefits of DMSO, one would tend to believe that
a new "wonder drug" has been created. Yet while there have been some
positive results, there are several risks associate with DMSO use.

"The most common complaint of DMSO usage is its potential ocular toxicity.
In animals, the drug is said to damage the lens in a way that no other drug
is capable of doing.(18) Because this has not yet been evident in humans
researchers consider this toxicity as only a possible risk associated with
application to humans. 

"Rubin wrote of DMSO's toxicity in humans, listing a number of adverse
results.(19) First, he noted a state of hemolysis and tremor, possibly
leading to a loss of consciousness, hypotensive conditions, and possible
tachycardia. He also noted that along with hemolysis, there was local
irritation and necrosis, all occurring rapidly. In animals alone, states of
transient convulsion, dyspnea, pulmonary edema, and hemorrhaging were
present. Finally, Rubin found that when applied topically on the skin, DMSO
deprives the tissue of water, leading to erythema, edema, or scaling of the

"Some studies have found DMSO to bring about alterations of one's normal
cardiac cycle.(5,7) Bradham and Sample believe this may be due to an
increase in local tissue temperature following topical application.(20)
Among the major side effects of DMSO are the following as compiled by
"terrible oyster or garlic breath 
"possible nearsightedness 
"dyspnea secondary to an allergic reaction 
"skin irritation at the site of application, including itching, rashes,
redness, stinging, burning or blistering"


Damien Broderick

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