X-Message-Number: 11315
Date: Wed Feb 24 05:17:31 1999  PST
Subject: Excerpts from latest issue of Periastron now on ACS website
From: Edgar W Swank <>

ACS has just published excerpts from the latest issue of
Periastron, by noted writer Thomas Donaldson, on our website.
Below is a complete index for this issue. Starred articles are
published in full on the website.

1 January, 1999 -- Volume 5, Number 2

        Not Just for Talking                     *
        Once More on Consciousness
        Many Ways to Make a Solar System         *
        What Is It?

        Science Reports
          More on Brain Protection               *
          Four More Studies of Brain Activity
          One More Set of Clues
          Near Every Synapse, Ribosomes
          And So Then Just How Do We See
          A New Kind of NMDA Receptor

        A Precis for Rushed Readers              *

Edgar W. Swank   <>
President - American Cryonics Society

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