X-Message-Number: 11317
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 20:18:28 -0700 (MST)
From:  (Dave & Trudy Pizer)
Subject: Bolder statements

Replying to Thomas's earlier posting

Thomas said:

>Hi everyone!
>I agree with Mike Perry that everyone whom we can bring back should be 
>brought back. I do have a more restricted notion of who that might be.


			Best and long long life,
>				Thomas Donaldson
>PS: There is a very good reason for including everyone possible. We all
>arrange for our cryonic suspension because we want to be brought back. If
>we start forming favorites about who we want to bring back and who not,
>the day may very well come when WE are the ones who are not brought back,
>for one or another fault, real or imagined.

I don't think Mike was talking about "bringing back" just people (and
animals) that are frozen.

He said he was agreeing with me.  

I was stating that if we have the technology (some day far in the future) to
bring back every person who ever existed (and every thinking animal that
ever existed), not just those who were suspended, that we *should* do this.

I was replying to a posting by Charles Platt about ethics.

I think this is what Mike was agreeing to  ---- ????


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