X-Message-Number: 1132
Date: 12 Aug 92 01:01:25 EDT
From: "Allen J. Lopp" <>
Subject: CRYONICS - Loved Ones in Suspension

Charles and everyone: My previous message was not intended to irritate
anyone, or to deride "conventional" monogamous relationships. I apologize
if it appeared to do so. I obviously took an opportunity to have some fun
and to vent my resentment at other people trying to tell me how to live my
life --- but I did not mean to do this at your expense.

I hope my central point did not get lost in all my outrageousness. It is
simply that one should *negotiate* the relationship that is wanted --- if
I don't want my partner to find another lover while I'm in suspension, I
should ask for that (and IMHO they don't "owe" it to me automatically),
and if I want the freedom to find another partner while my first one is
in suspension I should ask for that as well while the first one is still
alive (and see how it flies). Seriously, does this help any?

But for Godsake, *PLEASE* don't ask the government to find an answer to a
dilemma like this! It's got its nose in too much already, and it's no
telling what screwy idea we'll end up with!

Again, Charles, you are one of the last people I would want to offend, and
I hope you will forgive me if I got clumsy. --- Allen J. Lopp

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