X-Message-Number: 11325
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 22:43:56 -0500
From: Jan Coetzee <>
Subject: DNA memory

Triplet code-independent programming of living systems
 organisation by DNA: the link with intelligence and memory.
 Adams DH
 Med Hypotheses 1995 May 44:5 419-27

 Previous suggestions from this laboratory (3), (a) that within its
molecular electronic
 structure, DNA houses a computer-analog program of immense complexity,
 independently of, but complementary to, triplet coding and (b) that,
inter alia, this program
 is the driving force for organising and executing the construction of
species individuals in
 three dimensions, are extended in the present communication. It is now
concluded that the
 DNA program also embodies an 'intelligence' component, which extends
its organising
 ability both qualitatively and quantitatively beyond any of the heavily
 'self-organising' attributes claimed to be associated with naturally
occurring inanimate
 systems. Further, that as part of the developmental process, a program
 organises the fabrication of mammalian central nervous systems,
including that of human
 beings with the associated attributes of intelligence, creativity and
constructional skills. It is
 further suggested that the sophisticated random access memory system
associated with
 human beings in particular may be explicable in terms of an extension
of the DNA
 programming system: basically this involves the latter operating as
 'hardware' for the storage of long-term memory and interacting with,
primarily, glial cell
 RNA, acting as 'software' and storing short term traces. Finally, it is
suggested that such an
 interrelationship between DNA/RNA molecular electronic structures can
provide the
 necessary memory storage capacity and flexibility and also facilitates
random access to
 the long-term DNA memory store.



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