X-Message-Number: 11334
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 12:36:49 -0700 (MST)
From:  (Dave & Trudy Pizer)
Subject: Re:  Reply to Thomas

In one of his postings, Thomas said:

>It is one thing, and highly worthwhile, to truly resurrect someone who
>once lived. 

I would agree with Thomas and slightly change it to:  It is highly
worthwhile to truly resurrect everyone and every creature who once lived -
if we can do it without harming anyone else.  And, if we can offer a plesant
place for all of them to live forever, etc etc.  And if the lions don't eat
the deer, but eat only virtual deer, ect.  Hitler burns only virtual Jews
and Jews hang only virutal Hitlers.  Or, they all learn and agree to get
along from now on.

Hey folks, if you really want Heaven on Earth, you're gonna have to do some
work.  But wouldn't it be lovely........

>But only one of those quadrillion versions has any real claim
>on our morality or our attention, and we do not know which one. Imaginary
>beings have no clear moral right to become existent beings.

But, *if* we do have the technology some day in the future, and I suspect
far into the future we will, then it will be a moral thing to do; to
resurrect those exact creatures that lived before.


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