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Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 20:35:16 -0000

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I am also unsubscibing to CryoNet for similar reasons to Charles Platt. 
He is correct in his assumption that a first time user of this forum would
have a VERY strange impression of cryonics and its purpose. I am one of
I am no scientist, I am not educated to your levels, I joined CryoNet to
learn more about cryonics.
I am entitled to my views regarding what cryonics means to me.
I was actually in the process of completing my sign up papers with Alcor.
now I am seriously considering not doing so. WHY? you may ask. My reply
would be, because I wanted to join the cryonics' movement for selfish
reasons, hopefully I would have a second chance at life. The life I live
now is not satisfactory to me, at 24 years of age, (I'm now in my fifties),
I had an accident, which changed my life forever. I want a chance for
another life, I thought, maybe the next time around I could have a happy
and never ending life. Without constant pain, without the difficulties this
brings to my life now.
I have no relatives who are interested in cryonics, I would probably be
alone if the resurrection is successful, (except for other Alcor members
who may help me to readjust).
I know most of my ancestors would not wish to be resurrected, the majority
of them believed in reincarnation. They would not cope with the new and
modern world, if they were brought back into a world they did not *want* to
be in, they would not be very happy people,  cryonics is for people who
want to be in the new and modern world, there choice, no one else makes
such a serious decision for them.
Reading the newsletters from  and others on this forum, the ideas
which may be attempted in the future is not my impression of what cryonics
is about, if he/they attempt to bring back everything which has already
died, then this earth and maybe other earth's not yet found are going to be
in desperate trouble. Population explosion and a threat to we humans who
just wish to live our lives again without the possibility of ever having to
face permanent extinction.
I do not see the point in attempting to be resurrected, if scientists (or
whoever) are going to try to resurrect everything which ever lived on our
planet. History generally repeats itself, (some may agree,others disagree),
we have seen in our past history many species disappear, ask yourselves
why?, and at the same time consider that the next species which may
disappear could possible be the human race, if we tamper with nature too
much, we could be wiped out by some resurrected species passing on
incurable diseases. (nanotechnology may not have the answer for
I know medicine will have come a long way in the centuries ahead, but why
take risks with other peoples future life, just for the sake of saying ' We
did it, we brought everything back'. 
No way, should resurrecting everything which lived be what cryonics is for,
it is for humans with courage to take the chance on being resurrected, who
want another life without death, and better than the life we are living
Chrissie Walton.(in process of re-considering my Alcor membership.)

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