X-Message-Number: 11343
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 17:02:07 -0500
From: Brook Norton <>
Subject: Unsubscribing

Charles Platt in msg 11337 says he is unsubscribing because he dislikes
the content and goes on to say that most contributors messages are a waste

time.  I believe the content is very good.  It is not for everyone.  

Certainly, discussions on who and why to revive people is relevant to
cryonics.  Cryonet should not be a place with a mission to recruite new
cryonicists.  That's the job of the cryonics organizations' membership
personnel.  Cryonet has let me get to know many in the cryonics movement,

and while not always interested in all the dialogue, I have come away with
the knowledge that the cryonics movement is for real and is filled with
enthusiasts with the highest integrity.  Charles is a contributor I have
enjoyed reading over the years (he just gets a little crabby now and then
: )  

Brook Norton  

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