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Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 06:55:54 -0800
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Re: Unsubscribing
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> Message #11342
> From: "chrissie" <>
> Subject: Re Message #11337 (Unsubscribing)

> I am also unsubscibing to CryoNet for similar reasons to Charles Platt.
> He is correct in his assumption that a first time user of this forum would
> have a VERY strange impression of cryonics and its purpose. I am one of
> them.
> I am no scientist, I am not educated to your levels, I joined CryoNet to
> learn more about cryonics....
> I was actually in the process of completing my sign up papers with Alcor.
> now I am seriously considering not doing so.... I want a chance for
> another life, I thought, maybe the next time around I could have a happy
> and never ending life. Without constant pain, without the difficulties this
> brings to my life now....
> I do not see the point in attempting to be resurrected, if scientists (or
> whoever) are going to try to resurrect everything which ever lived on our
> planet....
> No way, should resurrecting everything which lived be what cryonics is for,
> it is for humans with courage to take the chance on being resurrected, who
> want another life without death, and better than the life we are living
> now.
> Chrissie Walton.(in process of re-considering my Alcor membership.)
Hmm  -- weren't we recently having a discussion of why there are so few
women in cryonics?  I will posit that in general they are more concerned
with human/emotional issues like these, and less with theoretical issues 
such as asymptotic approximation to X (absolute precision, infinite 
lifespan, zero mortality, etc.).

From my Web search I note that only 12% of Ph.D.'s in mathematics are 
awarded to women.  Some other interesting tidbits:

"Within science and engineering, women are more highly represented in
fields than in others. Women are more than half of sociologists and 
psychologists but are only 9 percent of physicists and 8 percent of 
engineers. (See appendix table 5-1.) Doctoral women scientists and 
engineers are likewise more heavily represented in some fields than in
others. For example, women are 41 percent of doctoral psychologists, and
28 percent 
of biologists but only 4 percent of engineers. (See figure 5-2.)"
(http://www.nsf.gov/sbe/srs/nsf96311/5women.htm:  Women Scientists and 
Engineers, 1996)

It seems to me that sociology and psychology are just as relevant to 
our future as math and physics.  All I ask is that the topics be divided
into separate forums if possible, so the psychologists don't get scared
off and I can hear what they have to say.

Kennita Watson


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