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From: BruceWaugh <>
Subject: RE: Unsubscribing
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 22:36:36 -0500

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I'll stay subscribed.  I am sympathetic to Charles' frustration.  However,
as Raphael Hafka pointed out, the efficient use of headers, coupled with
the delete key, can quickly get rid of the chaff.  For my part, a header
like "Another long message about Turings Theorem" would do the trick :)  

Cryonet has provided very important discussions in the past- these have
included articles about advances in cryonics (and false hopes), debates on
research versus marketing, data on the demographics of cryonicists, and
notices of related media stories.  It is true that many of the leading
contributors of the past have been silent recently.  I use the delete
button far too much these days.  But I stay on because I still do find
things of value that I would find in no other place than Cryonet.  

Bruce Waugh  




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