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From: "chrissie" <>
Subject: Cryonet #11348 - #11359
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 13:08:16 -0000

To: Thomas Donaldson.

>>>just whom should we seriously think of resurrecting, if we have the
ability to do so. <<

I presumed you  tried to resurrect the people who stated on their sign up
papers, when they wished to be resurrected. Under what circumstances they
wished to be resurrected is on their sign up papers, when those conditions
are met in the centuries ahead, that is when an attempt at resurrection is
made. If those conditions were not met, then you don't resurrect them.  
If I continue with my sign up to Alcor, I presume I have the same chance as
anyone else has of being resurrected, and hopefully whoever is in control
of Alcor at this time will make certain my requests are carried out to the

>>You yourself agree to the importance of this question when you say that
of those you know would NOT WANT to be resurrected.<<

I was referring to my ancestors who did not have the chance to join a
cryonics movement, and therefore must remain wherever they are now, (in the
ground, ashes,etc) I and certainly not others who did not know the views of
my ancestors, should not interfer with what has already come to pass.

We should concentrate on trying to resurrect the ones who *want* to be
resurrected, I guess in the years ahead there will be many more who will
want to join the cryonics movement, especially when nanotechnology becomes
more acceptable to the public in general. Many will be wanting the chance
to live again. This should reduce the cost of cryonics, when something
becomes cheap enough for everyone to have if they so wish, then more will
want it.(and can have it!!)
(Public relations should be a top priority for any cryonics movement, to
reverse the *YUK* factor would be a worthwhile project for example, it can
be done with the right approach, the UK is receiving TV coverage of
cryonics, but the follow up from this by others in the UK is very poor, I
know from my own experience of trying to join Alcor. It has recently
improved a small amount, due I think to your recent visit to the Alcor UK

>>Even if someone does not want resurrection, perhaps if it is provided
they would choose differently<<

How would you know what people wanted???? if they are already dead and
gone. Did you discuss cryonics with your ancestors? do you know *for
certain*  what their views were on the subject?. Possibly recent ancestors
of your family, but certainly not ones from many, many years ago.  It is
not my morals which would stop me from attempting to resurrect my beloved
mother who died young of cancer, it is the doubt I have in my mind that my
mother would want to come back to life, the decision should have been
*her's* not mine!!! (if cryonics had been more widespread in 1974, then I
would have discussed it with her, but I was not aware of cryonics until
recently, and this was only due to meeting someone who is already a member
of Alcor, I saw nothing about cryonics until this time.)

>>Many cryonicists are just like you, and 
aren't interested in the higher realms we enter when we discuss the 
possibility of resurrecting everyone who ever existed and everyone who 
might have existed, too.<<

Which brings me back to my remark in the above paragraph. I could be
interested in the higher realms of your discussions, when I am more aware
of the basic's of cryonics. My view regarding resurrecting
everyone/everything still stands.

>>Not only that, but by posting here you state YOUR opinion on the merits
these discussions. By doing so you are likely to change the direction of
the discussions, too. Cryonet is for all cryonicists and all those 
interested in cryonics; it does not aim to convince anyone of anything,
but will, over time, provide a snapshot of the questions that interest 
some cryonicists at particular times.<<

I take your point, but as someone new to cryonics, where do I get more
information?, I believed I could do so from other cryonicists from such a
forum as cryonet, I did not expect to find discussions about digital
uploading my brain onto a computer, <this is more off putting to future
cryonicists, than the *Yuk* factor>.

Due to support from some cryonicists I  know personally, I intend
continuing with my sign up, and I shall do everything I can to promote
cryonics so others may get the same chance as myself, but I do not think I
shall recommend them to the cryonet site, unless there is a separate part
in the forum for newcomers. If I could make a suggestion, have a posting
which redirects newcomers to other sites where answers could be found.. I
want to know what is happening with the cryoprotectant for example.(and I
am sure other newcomers will also).I feel some of the information regarding
nano should also be available to new cryonicists. It is an encouragement
for a better future.

"Life can be a bitch, but it is still better than death, lets make life a
*never-ending one* ".
Chrissie Walton.

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