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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: I'm not unsubscribing yet, and more on our health.
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 23:17:49 -0000

Seen postings to those who may have unsubscribed, hope you have mailed them,
or it will be hard to get through.

The thought of unsubscribing has crossed my mind too, after all those many
nonsaying numberheaders so I had to waste time browsing to much and often
got bored. The problem is what should be in here, Cryo-orgs doesnt seem to
like postings on comparison to develop the whole matter, perhaps due to the
competitionside of it. Lets hope it will shape up a bit with more down to
earth subjets. When I had such as can be related to our issue, a few
complained intolerant while most others seemed to like it. Such intolerance
can turn anyone off. Now only a few names make postings as seem to turn
others off more.

Also to much hangup on death is boring for most normal people. It may be
better for most to sign up and get on with life. But the matters of a longer
better life and then making it stay on hold as I put it, is a mix in here as
seem relevant.

What can be new catching subjects since longevity also is a matter here and
for the most of us?
Instead of reading all those healthpapers about veggies and pills I turned
the issue upside down. Asked myself how the old ones did it, wrote to some,
then found a lot of research on "Centenarians". Am I the only one in here
who have looked on the facts of centenarians? Those who became more then 100
years old, ie Jeanne Calment who become 122 with no doubt (and died on my
birthday), when the theoretical age was said to be max 120! I havent found
any vegetarian or CR people among those yet. Try to find one if you are in
those groups. Even if its a part genetics, we can help the whole matter up a

As I avoid getting hooked up in any matter as those to much for a long time,
another subject is what I've learned in a book on what to eat, from our
taxpaid governmental food agency here as we trust to be neutral.
This is very interesting since a lot of people get cancer not knowing why.
The fact is veggies contains more or less a lot of nitrates, eggs meat and
fish has aminoacids. Those are good separate, but mixed in the body as most
people eat, they make nitroseamines as cause cancer. Since this is hard to
make evident in humans, as only done in smaller animals, no alarm is set
off yet. So I try to avoid mixing amines with nitrates, its possible but
hard sometimes with mixed products in the store ie tablemargarine. Meat and
potatoes is a no-no, ricemix ok as far as I know.

By the way Kennita as you mentioned the lack of females in here etc. The
Swedish government have at least 50% females from our Socialdemocratic party
as had votinglists with a female as every second name, while the liberals
had less. What about yours? I'm not shure this is good since some of these
girls do have problems doubleworking and with childcare etc.

I wrote the pages beneath, complain politely if you wish. My only link there
to Cryonics Institute is due to the fact only they have links to the others
and the lowest price of 28000$ for a whole body, not to scare anyone off.
Then its possible to compare as most wise folks wish, and may like a more
costly one, I'm neutral still in that case.

Mvh/Sincerely Long Life
Thomas Nord
Stockholm (Sweden)

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