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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 21:11:02 -0500 (EST)
From: "B. F. Shelton" <>
Subject: Re: Paul Wakfer, Cryonet #11356

Mr Wakfer wrote:

> ....   yes, the HSCP research and the contractual
> arrangements betweeen INC and 21CM are of little financial value to
> those who were too short-sighted (or timid) to invest in 21CM early on.
> As one of those who were "throwing away" our hard-earned meager assets
> early on, when little hope was in sight, I have no sympathy for you
> whatever.
> 	If there is any "elite group" of 21CM shareholders, it is those that
> had the morality, the rationality, and the courage to risk major
> portions of their assets (for some, *the* major portion) for the purpose
> of increasing their chances for extended life and with little or no
> concern for financial gain. Yes, those people truly constitute an "elite
> group" and if anyone in cryonics is ever to acheive financial gain, I
> cannot imagine a group more worthy.  Mr Shelton's whining remark to Saul
> Kent is but the constant refrain of the timid, shortsighted, and
> irrationally selfish: "Now that it is clear that the business is
> succeeding, please let me invest at the same price as those who took the
> risk which made it succeed."  By what right, or any other measure of
> justice, do you believe that you should be able to do this? .....

Well, for one thing, I was not around when whatever initial offering of
this stock was made.  "Around," being, on cryonics digital or paper
mailing lists.  I am not sure, either, if everyone who was "around" at
that time, had the opportunity to buy, either, but maybe they did.

I'm not sure which part of my text message had "whine" codes embedded in
it; I apologize; I'm running my viruschecker as soon as I finish here.  My
question to Mr. Kent related back to a few months ago when he announced
that a public offering of the stock would come about the time the videos
came out.  Now there appears to be an excuse, now supported by Mr Wakfer's
gloating, that such an offering will come after certain lucrative deals
may later be consummated with other companies.  

Nobody said that anybody should be able to buy in at the same price
originally sold, whatever that was.  Of course, only fools will buy in at
a price established by maxxing out value from lucrative contracts, at some
future time when merely more cash is needed.

Now, none of this was the main subject of the original message from Mr.
Platt which I replied to.  Mr Wakfer ignored most of that, and as for what
other items he did address, I fully respect his views and am sure that
others are at least as capable as I of viewing their content

I am just sorry Mr. Platt is no longer on CryoNet to explain to us exactly
what we should be talking about instead of what we are talking about -- he
sure left us hanging on that one.

Mr Shelton

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