X-Message-Number: 11367
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 02:20:54 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Resurrection Philosophy, Chrissie Don't Drop

Paul Wakfer, #11356, said,

>If these philosophizers *really* cared about saving their lives through
>cryonics, they would take the necessary steps to start a separate list
>for "resurrection philosophy" (or some such title). If they do not have
>enough common sense to understand that, then *that* fact, in itself is a
>damming indictment of cryonics and, quite properly, discourages many new

I have offered to help with such a forum, should people want it, and
reaffirm that offer here.

Chrissie Walton, who has unsubscribed, presumably won't be seeing this
message, but here is what I sent to her privately:

Dear Chrissie,

Reading your CryoNet message from the other day makes me sad that you might
want to die rather than opt for the possibility of life extension through
cryonics. Especially because you are apparently afraid that some project of
the future (resurrecting or recreating individuals of the past, not as good
as bringing them back through cryonics) *might* make life at that point
other than what you had in mind. My advice is finish your signup, and don't
worry over what might be attempted in a more distant future when both our
means and understanding will be greater than now, and issues that may seem
forbidding may be seen very differently. When we are no longer subject to
the aging process, when every person can be as smart as everybody else, it's
hard to imagine what it will be like, really, but certainly worth a try at
finding out.


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