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Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 19:31:59 -0700 (MST)
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>Subject: Cryonet #11348 - #11359
>Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 13:08:16 -0000
>To: Thomas Donaldson.


>How would you know what people wanted???? if they are already dead and
>gone. Did you discuss cryonics with your ancestors? do you know *for
>certain*  what their views were on the subject?. Possibly recent ancestors
>of your family, but certainly not ones from many, many years ago. 

I believe what Mike was talking about was a far-advanced technology that we
do not understand at this early stage.  This technology might be able to be
used to resurrect people who we now considered dead-dead like burried or
cremated.  It would not involve anything similar to cryonics.

This considered technology, perhaps, involves infinite things.  It also may
need many worlds, which many  (well "some") scientists now believe may be
the true state of how things really are.

The speculation was only *if* we could revive everyone and every animal that
ever lived, regardless of if they were cryonically suspended or not.  IF we
could  -- should we.  If this technology becomes available some day, that
question will have to be answered.

> It is
>not my morals which would stop me from attempting to resurrect my beloved
>mother who died young of cancer, it is the doubt I have in my mind that my
>mother would want to come back to life, the decision should have been
>*her's* not mine!!! (if cryonics had been more widespread in 1974, then I
>would have discussed it with her, but I was not aware of cryonics until
>recently, and this was only due to meeting someone who is already a member
>of Alcor, I saw nothing about cryonics until this time.)

I also have several loved ones who died without the benefit of cryonics
suspension.  Some of them never heard or thought of it.  However, it seems
to me that we should not assume they would not want to live again (or live
on, still) any more or less then we should assume the would not.  We can not
know their wishes unless we revive them and ask them.  So the default is
that we have to resurrect them to ask them.  Unless they thought about this
and left specific instructions not to.

 It would not be moral (in my opinion) to assume they would not want to be
resurrected.  As far as I can figure, the only way to know for sure if they
are going to want to live in the future is to resurrect them in the future
(if we can) and ask them.  Let them see the new world as it is then and if
they don't like it, then let them return to nothingness.  Let them make the

Dave Pizer

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