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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Centenarians, do like them and live longer?
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 22:48:57 -0000

I've followed this issue many years, when it always has been claimed as I've
read and heard some 120 years is the theoretical age, theoretical is the
point, not that Jeanne Calment became 122. Its been claimed like that
because it was a vision before Madame Calment, when several became 100 but
only a few 110, no one 115. But Calment who its thousands of webpages on,
was a unique person living at the right place. The 120-limit is reached by
her so its now more for real.
The newer visions is far beyond and even eternal but not exactly set as
before. The only we can say today is 120 for the old ones, we younger may be
lucky to have no limit if research get what they need.

I've read several summaries from all over the world where centenarians is an
interest at place, and one complete from here of 100 Swedish centenarians in
the warmest part of Sweden.
As far as I've seen its globally very equal, but I do like to see and havent
found out yet how much climate may interfere. Its clear, to much heat and to
much cold kills.
No one smoked, most never had. They often had old parents etc. so its a lot
of genetics, and took a little with alcohol to drink every day. Professions
was very different. Many used to take long walks. Significant for all of
them was the absence to get worried and instead be happy, so dont worry be
The food was normal but healthy, with a good spirit how to live. No one was
a pilleater as far as I know.

New studies are going on all the time and nothing has changed so far. Its
not the same exactly for us with food and environment for better and worse,
a fair guess is we ought to try to live like them or better if we can find
out how for sure.
Saturated fats and ie woodburning danger was unknown till recently, now we
have more traffic etc. instead.

The people on CR I've seen was skinny. Its better to be a little overweight
than underweight, to have reserves in the body. Some of the oldies eating is
seen to be unhealthy today, its hard to gain weight on whats considered to
be healthy by just eating. Singleunsaturated fats and training is good, many
dont have the time to train.

Madame Calment only had one child as died in early ages, so it wasnt just
all joy. One factor I've thought of if children is on the plus-side in this
matter, parents seem to worry much over them?

I just read in the paper the number of births is going down and oldies goin
up. The next step must be older retirementage as is much more free in US but
often fixed in other countries.

E-Mail is a new form of social contacts the oldies are picking up too and
add to lack of local physical contacts, as probably still may be better, if

Mvh/Sincerely Long Life
Thomas Nord
Stockholm (Sweden)

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