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Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 14:03:15 -0800
From: Jeff Davis <>
Subject: Re: human/emotional values, psychological issues


	Whoops!  I goofed.  I meant Chrissie Walton not Chrissie Loveday.	
								(Thanks, Dr. E)

	Kennita Watson's recent cryonet post about more attention to human/emotional 
	issues is an excellent one for a number of reasons, foremost among them a real 
	world connection to the real issues of real people (of both genders). (Not that
	cryonicists aren't connected to the real world, but others don't get much 
	chance to see us that way.)

					Clunky segue here. 

	I would like to see an "enhanced" version of Scott Badger's cryonics survey. A 
	version which emphasizes--by inquiring if people know or have given any thought
	to (1)the degree to which cryonics holds the key to a radical reduction in the
	toll of human suffering and, (2)the degree to which cryonics promises a 
	radical improvement in the comfort level of day to day human life.  The survey 
	cum promotional tool thus gives renewed attention to the original cryonics 
	rationale--the treatment of currently untreatable medical conditions--but with 
	particular emphasis on the ever-increasing substantial social benefits.  

	Modern medical advances have meant extended lifespan due to improved 
	survivability,...but at a price.  People are being kept alive in an horrific 
	state of torment, for everyone involved.  Regular folks on the street don't see
	it that much, but medical people, particularly those in geriatric care--in 
	fact the entire infrastructure for the care of the elderly--suffers from an 
	ever increasing and ongoing state of traumatic stress from the horror that 
	end-stage life has become in our era of medical "miracles".  

	I have a doctor friend who visits nursing homes, and he tells me of the growing
	need and increased emphasis on finding MEANS TO REDUCE SUFFERING.  I can hear 
	in his voice what feels like a far away cry for help.

	I understand that we as cryonicists are familiar with its "medical" 
	applications.  But we would do well to regularly reprise the matter because of 
	the immense potential impact on the lives of "regular" people, and because of 
	the consequent "crossover" value that it has for cryonics, which is still to 
	the "regular" community, for the most part, an idea of limited credibility. 

			Best, Jeff Davis

	   "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
					Ray Charles				

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