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Subject: posting and lost posting?
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 92 21:38:18 PDT

In reference to the "problem" of having two wives after coming 
out of suspension Charles Platt writes: 

>The only polygamists and polyandrists are in tiny tight-knit 
>groups way off the main stream. (I know; I used to read the 
>magazines they produce.) 

Ah, Charles, compared to us freezer folks, they are a vast social 
movement.  They no doubt consider us the far out strange ones.
>I prefer Keith Henson's answer to the problem: when you come 
>back, if your former wife and your second wife are both 
>revived, just ask the scientists of tomorrow to run off an 
>extra copy of yourself, so each of them has you to herself. 
>But--this solves only their problem, not yours! Each copy of 
>you would still be attracted to both women. But each of you 
>would only be able to have one of them. The result, in fact, 
>might be even more emotionally complicated and impossible to 
>resolve, especially if both your revived selves preferred one 
>woman over the other. 

Sheesh.  This is easy to resolve.  Just switch with your copy
alternate weeks.  Variety, you know.  Do a partial memory merge 
so you remember what's in the refrigerator.  And what happens if 
one of your women decides to devorse you(s)?  Why, run off a copy 
of the other one!  (Or the inverse, merge the copies of youself.)

>The more I think about situations like this, the more I tend 
>to believe that such things will be outlawed long before they 
>are possible--and will be outlawed not by some fascist 
>regime, but by popular demand of people at large, who have 
>enough trouble grappling with personal problems as it is. 

The current large scale trend is for people to stay single.  I 
doubt anyone would bother to pass laws forbidding association.  
Nobody even gives the splinter Mormans with six wives any trouble 
nowdays.  Instead they interview the lot of them on national TV. 

(It is moderately amusing that the examples have been multiple 
wives--when it has been the men who got cooled in the actual 
cases I know about of young couples with one member in 

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