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Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 14:32:55 -0800
From: Carol Shaw <>
Subject: Reminder: Alcor Cryonics Sign-Up Party March 14; Future Events

Alcor Cryonics Sign-Up Party March 14:

On Sunday, March 14th 1999, at 2pm, the Northern California Alcor Group is
organizing a cryonics sign-up party at the home of Kennita Watson, 780 San
Pablo, Sunnyvale, phone 408-733-7773. 

A notary and life insurance agent will be available. Brian Shock from Alcor
Headquarters will be present to provide all necessary documents and answer
Please send confirmation of your attendance or any questions regarding this
event to Andrea van de Loo, 308 B Market St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060, phone:
(831)458-2925, e-mail: 

Alcor members are invited to attend to function as necessary witnesses. Please
inform Andrea if you plan to be present for this purpose.

All members are invited to participate in a brief business meeting at 4pm
followed by a potluck dinner for getting to know new members and socializing. 


Take Highway 101 to Sunnyvale. Take the Fair Oaks exit and go south on Fair
Oaks. Turn left (east) on Ahwanee (southern frontage road to 101). Go a few
blocks and turn right on San Pablo. 780 San Pablo will be on the left.

Future Events:

The following events are scheduled for April and May, so no general Alcor
Northern California meetings are planned for those months.

Saturday, April 24: Alcor Certified Technician (ACT) Recertification Training
at Andrea van de Loo's in Santa Cruz. Any Alcor member may attend. Confirm
ahead of time with Andrea at phone: (831)458-2925, e-mail: 

May 7 - 9: Laughlin, Nevada High-Roller's Cryonics Research Conference. 

Information from Russell B Cheney <>: 

For their Module 5 Readiness Review, the SoCal Team is planning on meeting at
the May 7 - 9 Laughlin NV High-Roller's Cryonics Research Conference, to
combine the recert and a mini-vacation. The Readiness Review will take place on
Friday, May 7. Alcor member Don Laughlin sponsors the fee-free conference.
Bargain room rates and RV sites, much entertainment, friends and family
welcome. Linda Chamberlain will be attending. All NoCal ACT's are invited to
attend the Readiness Review, regardless of previous modules recertified.
Contact Russell regarding the recertification meeting.

The following is from Fred Chamberlain, President of Alcor:

"The details on "High Rollers" are: May 7th-9th; admission at no charge (that's
really how it works). The rooms are $35/night on Friday and Saturday at the
Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino, and the price drops to $15 for Sunday night
and other weekday stayovers. As Jack Zinn's flyer puts it, there are side trips
available to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, London Bridge, and Hoover Dam. Six
first-run movie theatres (right in the casino) and a new 34 lane bowling alley
make this one of the most complete casinos for "non-gamblers" in the world.

Don Laughlin, owner of the casino, is (as most of you know) an openly
recognized Alcor Member. This is part of why the "High Rollers" conference has
always been given very favorable rates and facility access. Reservations are by
calling 800-227-3849. If you're making reservations, be sure to tell them that
the "Group Number" or "Convention Number" is 214925. Typically, that not only
makes sure you get the low rate, but (probably) a room with a better view (like
in the South Tower, above the 20th floor, overlooking the Colorado River into a
landscape that might make you feel as if you were looking at a rugged area on
the surface of the Moon)."

June 13: Alcor Northern California meeting tentatively scheduled at Derek
Strong's home in Sunnyvale.

Alcor Northern California meetings are usually held on the second Sunday of
each month at various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone
interested in cryonics is welcome to attend the general meetings, sign-up
parties, and social events.

More information on cryonics is available at http://www.alcor.org and 
http://www.merkle.com/cryo. Alcor's new toll-free inquiry number is

Carol Shaw
Web:    http://www.carol.com

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