X-Message-Number: 1141
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Re: Mailing List and sci.cryonics Cross-Posting 
Date: 14 Aug 1992

In message #1117 I mentioned difficulty avoiding duplicate postings
for people who read both sci.cryonics and cryonics mailing list messages.

  "Since the forwarding from the cryonics mailing list to sci.cryonics
   is not well automated, though, this creates more administrative
   overhead for me and I am not yet ready to tackle it."

I now have a solution.  It's amazing how a small change in the problem
statement can greatly simplify it.  (Why didn't I think of it before!)

Please let know if you read sci.cryonics so that I can move your
cryonics mailing list entry to the readers-of-sci.cryonics cryonics
mailing list.  My software will remove automatically from your cryonics
mailing list digest any messages forwarded from sci.cryonics.  (The
software checks for the string "^Newsgroups: .*sci.cryonics" in the
messages queued up for mailblast.)

To avoid reading messages forwarded from the cryonics mailing list
to sci.cryonics, though, you will have to do a little work.  Set up
your "kill" file to skip any message with the string:
   X-Crossposted-To: cryonics mailing list
in the header.  (Note that I said "cryonics mailing list" rather than
"cryonet" because, since the creation of sci.cryonics, the term "cryonet"
has become an ambigous term.)  If you have already started "killing" any
messages from:
as I suggested in message #1117, please remove that entry.  (I hate
telling people not to listen to what I have to say. :-))

In case you were wondering, the restatement of the problem that relieved
my administrative difficulties was essentially to put the burden on
you, not me, to filter out the messages forwarded from the mailing list
to sci.cryonics.  Maybe someday I'll make a good bureaucrat! :-)

                              Kevin Q. Brown
                              UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb

PS: Thanks for the suggestion to use "X-Crossposted-To:" in the
    mailing list messages forwarded to sci.cryonics.

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