X-Message-Number: 1146
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 92 15:47:39 CDT
From:  (Micheal B. O'Neal)
Subject: Alcor Board of Directors

Last night, as I was reading through the current (August) issue of Cryonics,
something caught my eye in the "Business Meeting Report".  This report
(which was posted to Cryonet as message #1047 on July 22) left me confused
as to the exact make up of the board and the title of each director.

Ralph Whelan, the author of the report, mentions Carlos Mondragon stepped 
down as Chairman and that Paul Genteman took over this position.  Later in 
the article Paul is listed as a Vice President.  Paul is also listed as a
Vice President on the inside cover of the magazine.  

Carlos is still the President, right?   Is Paul both the Chairman and a Vice 

To clear this up could someone post to Cryonet the names and titles of the 
persons currently on the Alcor Board of Directors.  It would also be nice to 

see a list of Alcor employees along with their titles, since some board members
are also employees.


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