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From arpa!A.ISI.EDU!TKD Fri Jul  7 08:27:56 EDT 1989
Date: Fri 7 Jul 89 08:27:56-EDT
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: CRYONICS #113 - Re: Risks (and AIDS)
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I do not understand your risks proposal.  This isn't because I can't 
follow the words.  I cannot connect them as a practical suggestion to 
anything or any problems of cryonics today.  Perhaps I've somehow 
misunderstood the background or drift of your suggestions.

You do know that Alcor, the largest cryonics organization in the world,
has only 130 suspension members, and that cryonics subsists among 
massive (yes, unfounded, but nonetheless real) contempt from both lay
and medical people?  We are somehow not at all on the same wavelength.


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