X-Message-Number: 1151
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1992 11:46:22 MST
From: "Richard Schroeppel" <>
Subject: copyright, sigh

(for cryonet; and the newsgroup, if Keith's message went there)

In #1150, Keith Henson writes ---

>   (c) 1992 H. K. Henson (and if you even think of printing this and 
    sending it to a few friends without my holy permission, I will be 
    right there to sue your britches off.  ;-)  )

I have no objection to HKH copyrighting fiction or instructional writing,
but I find the idea of copyrighting a position paper ludicrous, and the
threat of a lawsuit disturbing.  Taken literally, I can't even quote
HKH's message in this one!  Think of the implications for the archives,
and for the innocent people who back up my disk.  Must Kevin rewrite
the CRYOMSG utility?

What sort of debate is it where you can't quote your opponents' positions?
Must the Democrats ask permission from the TV networks & the Republicans
before showing a video clip of George Bush saying "read my lips - no new
taxes!"?  No problem: 75 years after Bush dies, it will be in the public
domain, and we can all copy it freely.  But HKH is planning to be frozen,
and will have his backups taking over the galaxy & organizing parties:
His pearls of wisdom are copyright forever!

HKH has announced he is willing to let a court decide how much quoting of
message #1150 is legal.  Do we want this?

Am I the only one who is bothered by this?  If so, I'll shut up.

Rich Schroeppel   

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