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Date: 17 Aug 92 22:22:10 EDT
From: brenda Peters <>  <- Actually, Courtney Smith
Subject: Alcor NY August meeting

The following is a quick report by Courtney Smith on the Alcor NY meeting held
on 16 August 1992. 

We felt fortunate that 27 people came to the meeting in spite of the rain. 
People came from as far away as Boston.

We have a list of goals that we are trying to achieve this year. We have now 
accomplished 3 of the original 12 goals. The achieved goals include:
1. Having 4 assistants/trainees on our Stabilization Team.
2. Have training sessions for the Stabilization Team twice a month.
3. Acquire a van for the Stabilization Team.

In addition, we mainly achieved several other key objectives and expect to 
finish them off by the end of the year.

One of our critical concerns is, of course, money. We needed about $2,000 more
dollars to accomplish what we want to by the end of the year. However, Brenda 
Peters sent out a fundraising letter since our last meeting and has received a
total of $600. In addition, it looks like we have pledges to contribute 
several hundreds of dollars for specific projects. 

The best solution to our money shortage is to have everyone in the NY area to 
pay their dues to Alcor NY. We will be beginning a compaign to try to motivate
more Alcor members in the NY area to pay dues.

We have taken two people off our list of assistants on the Stabilization Team.

Our Stabilization Kit is still in Boston where it went during the standby and 
stabilization there a month ago. We have gotten the meds replenished.

All members of our Stabilization Team which are NY state Certified received 
EMT badges, paid for by team member Stanley Gerber.

We discussed reasons why it is not good for media publicity during a 
stabilization and why information should be withheld until a suspension is 
complete, even if the member is not confidential. 

We received reports about the recent meetings held in Philadelphia and DC from
Charles Platt and Mike Darwin. These meetings were a result of the outreach 
program of Brenda Peters.

We hope to get news about incorporating our group from Curtis Henderson for 
our next meeting.

Ira reported on the first meeting of his Life Extension Support Group.

Julian gave us his impressions of the first S. CA cryonics meeting, a tour of 
the lab and a night spent there, and all the sights he saw while spending time
with Alcor's resident STM expert, Mark Voelker when he went on a trip to the 
West Coast.

Harry Shapiro and Courtney gave highlights of the Extropian dinner held the 
previous Friday night New York.

Alvin is continuing his efforts to organize video and slide presentations for 
a technical audience.

The first issue of Cryonet Digest will be released soon.

There was a discussion of the current Alcor political situation and the 
upcoming election of the Alcor Board of Directors. The following resolution 
was unanimously approved by the members of Alcor NY:

Resolved that Alcor NY is very appreciative of the efforts of Brenda Peters on
behalf of Alcor NY, Alcor HQ, and cryonics in general. We urge the Alcor Board
of Directors to re-elect Brenda Peters.

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