X-Message-Number: 1158
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1992 18:15:02 MST
From: "Richard Schroeppel" <>
Subject: Oops!

Keith henson writes ...
>   Hey Rich, lighten up!  the ;-) at the end of this obviously sarcastic 
    postscript is called a "winkey face."  I don't know how I could have 
    laid it on any thicker.  Besides, I made it specific by stating 
    printing, i.e., you can reproduce it in electronic form till you run 
    out of bits.  I hope you are not a "tree killer" like some I could 

Oops!  Ya got me!  Just call me "humor impaired", or "chuckle challenged",
or "differently amused".  Are you advocating the suspension of trees?

me  >                                    But HKH is planning to be frozen,
    >and will have his backups taking over the galaxy & organizing parties:
    >His pearls of wisdom are copyright forever!

hkh>Now who is pulling our legs?  Or did the :-) get dropped in the bit 

I think it's more fun when the reader fills in his own :-), but I'll have
to admit it's not reliable.

Rich Schroeppel  

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