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Subject: HGH
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 09:41:08 -0500

George Smith wrote:

> Book Review:
> The Heart Revolution by Kilmer McCully, M.D.
> (1999; HarperCollins Publishers, NY; ISBN: 0-06-019237-2)
> I got four messages from reading this book.  They are:
> Primary message:  By taking a cheap, daily multi-B vitamin pill (which
includes B-6, B-12 and
> folic acid) heart disease can be arrested or prevented.  (Vitamins E, C
and balanced bulk and
> trace minerals are also recommended as advisable).
> Secondary message:  Thirty years of medical evidence indicate that
elevated levels of the amino
> acid homocysteine directly cause damage to arteries, "leaving them
susceptible to cholesterol
> and fat deposits".  Dietary cholesterol is not the cause.
> Political message:  The medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex can and
does strive to supress
> health discoveries which might undercut expensive drug and surgical
therapy alternatives.  (They
> WILL let you die to make money).
> Cryonics message:  Take a cheap multi-B vitamin daily as it will not hurt
you and it may prove
> to be very, very helpful to extend your life.  (This follows the Cryonics
formula: Small
> known cost now, large potential payoff later).


> >From page 176, McCully writes, "I can't promise that your wrinkles will
go away, your gray hair
> will disappear, and your energy will be the same today as it was when you
were twenty.  But the
> Heart Revolution can slow down the aging process - considerably - and
prevent disease -
> definitely.  You'll live longer, be healthier, and age more gracefully."
> I hope others will read and comment on this book.  Right now, I have to go
take my vitamins.
> -George Smith

Thanks for that info George.  I too have been reading a book on life
extension that I'm not sure what to think of.  I've been thinking about
bringing it up on Cryonet and your comments provide me with a good opening.

I'll be 50 in October.  People tell me I look like I'm around 40 so maybe my
internal clock is ticking a little slower than average, I don't know.  I'm
convinced that a cure for aging is just a few decades away.  But so is my
death, and it feels like a race with the devil.  I think most if not all
cryonicists would agree that it would be preferable to be alive when the
breakthrough happens rather than have to be frozen and wait for nanotech
cell repair breakthroughs.  Many of you are in this same age group and have
likely had the same worrisome thought...the thought that, "I'm going to
_just_ miss it."  If I could extend my life just a few years, perhaps a
decade, I'm guessing my chances will be considerably greater.

So I'm exercising, trying to shed a few lbs, taking vitamins, eating healthy
foods with low glycemic indices, etc.  But what else can I do?  So I started
to investigate and from what I can tell, the most profound anti-aging
effects appear to be acheived by taking human growth hormone (HGH)
injections, as documented in Grow Yound with HGH by Dr. Ronald Klatz.  <
261368-0859261 > There appears to relatively strong evidence that HGH
promotes cell survival and facilitates a broad array of positive effects
like increaseed immune function, fat loss,greater energy, lower blood
pressure, better cholesterol profile, etc.  The most frequently cited study
seems to be Rudman's et al < http://www.bio-corp.com/growthb.html >. There
are quite a few longevity clinics in operation at this point as well as
medical practitioners specializing in longevity that prescribe HGH
(typically Eli Lilly's Humatrope).  It is injected just like diabetics
inject insulin.  Cost is around $1200 to $1500 a month.  However, I have
communicated with individuals who have been on an HGH regimen for over a
year and get their product (the same Humatrope compound) from Mexico at a
monthly cost of around $200-$300.  Now that I can handle!  The product has a
shelf life of 18 months so one could get a year's worth of product at a
time.  It cannot be shipped to America from Mexico, but it is perfectly
legal to purchase it there and carry it back.  Here's a fellow with whom
I've communcated that's recorded his experiences and has a number of
intersting links on his website: <
http://www.geocities.com/Paris/5000/lifelinks.html >

Because the cost in America is so high, other approaches have been
developed.  A group of products in powdered form referred to as
secretagogues (typically a stacking of amino acids such as Arginine,
Ornithine, Glysine, or Glutamine) are designed to stimulate the body's own
pituitary to increase HGH production.  There is some credible support for
these products being mildly effective.  Another group of products come as
oral sprays, some claiming to have minute amounts (e.g. 200 ng) of real HGH
and claiming to operate on homeopathic principles, while others claim to
include HGH stimulators/releasers (also in minute amounts).  There is less
credible support it seems for the sprays.  I'm personally pretty skeptical
of homeopathic claims.

Does anyone else have any experience with or information on this?  Because
I'm seriously thinking of taking my summer vacation in Mexico after taking
some blood tests with my doctor to establish baseline levels of HGH

Scott Badger

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