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Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 12:57:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: HGH

In Message #11608 "Scott Badger" <> wrote:

>Because the cost in America is so high, other approaches have been
developed.  A group of products in powdered form referred to as
secretagogues (typically a stacking of amino acids such as Arginine,
Ornithine, Glysine, or Glutamine) are designed to stimulate the body's own
pituitary to increase HGH production.  There is some credible support for
these products being mildly effective.  Another group of products come as
oral sprays, some claiming to have minute amounts (e.g. 200 ng) of real HGH
and claiming to operate on homeopathic principles, while others claim to
include HGH stimulators/releasers (also in minute amounts).  There is less
credible support it seems for the sprays.  I'm personally pretty skeptical
of homeopathic claims.

Does anyone else have any experience with or information on this?  Because
I'm seriously thinking of taking my summer vacation in Mexico after taking
some blood tests with my doctor to establish baseline levels of HGH
  I've been thinking about possible inexpensive and safe ways to boost
HGH, and maybe lower body fat a bit. The only GH releasing amino acid that
is effective orally at low doses is glutamine. There have been some
concerns that it might stimulate glutamate release in the brain. However
the hydrogen peroxide scavenger pyruvate has been found to block
glutamate's effects, and it also helps reduce body fat a bit. So perhaps a
supplement containing glutamine and pyruvate in a 1-1 ratio might be the
ticket here.

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