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Subject: Re: HBO Special
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Date: 26 Aug 92 13:57:09 GMT
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In article <>  (Andrew - 
Palfreyman) writes:

   Tonight 8-26-92 HBO aired a BBC documentary about the whole aging
   issue, including shots inside the Alcor dewars and interviews with
   Alcor personnel themselves.

Looking through the Alcor Indiana newsletter #5 in the old netnews at
my site gives this tidbit of information:

       HBO's special, "Never Say Die:  The Pursuit of Eternal Youth" would 
air August 17, 20, 23, 25, and 31.

The dates in this tidbit apparently aren't quite right, but at least
we have the title.  If you have the most recent issue of Cryonics
magazine I think they have some claims about the start times, but I
don't know if those are right.

   The program made many telling observations, and IMHO the serious
   mistake of deducing from the "eternal cell" work of a Dr. West
   that no more famous artists would ever be born, since there would
   be assumedly no more children. 

I disagree with the conclusion, and I acknowledge that the poster also
disagrees with the conclusion.  But suppose it were true, and someone
came up to you and asked "Excuse me sir (or madam), would you rather
die or be forced to produce your own art for the rest of your life?"
Seems like an easy decision to me.  I hope they found some more
significant moral issues than this to deal with.
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