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Subject: CAA (Australian) site back up again
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:28:11 +0100

The CAA (Cryonics Association of Australia) site is back up again after a
bit of a delay fixing and upgrading my server.

The home page is:


The list server has also been upgraded - I will post more details after a
bit more work.

Long life to all,


Philip Rhoades

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Date: Sunday, 14 March 1999 12:03
Subject: CryoNet #11410 - #11413

>CryoNet - Sun 14 Mar 1999
>    #11410: For Olaf: doing cryonics in BC, and the transience of beauty
[Thomas Donaldson]
>    #11411: FYI: Upcoming Transhumanist conferences [den Otter]
>    #11412: Dangeralarms. Computers. Foamplastics. [Thomas Nord]
>    #11413: Re: Cryonics Trust Option 3.12 [RUDIHOFFMA]
>Message #11410
>From: Thomas Donaldson <>
>Subject: For Olaf: doing cryonics in BC, and the transience of beauty
>Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 00:09:03 +1100 (EST)
>To Olaf (more):
>Yes, definitions of death can be read to demand that we actually make
>sure that someone is dead by harder criteria than those now used to allow
>"donation" of organs.
>And I know very well how hard it is to move. One thing cryonicists in
>Vancouver might do is to make arrangements to help one another get into
>the US (Oregon or wherever) if one of you becomes sick enough that you
>might die of your illness. In the case of Australia, which does nothing to
>forbid cryonic suspension but does have a problem of distance, one
>Australian resident simply flew to the US when he became gravely ill,
>and was suspended there. Another was actually suspended in Australia,
>something probably impossible or very difficult in British Columbia.
>Even in the case of accidents, there is often warning visible to others
>but not to the patient that the patient may soon die. That is IMPORTANT.
>It means that with the proper Powers of Attorney and other legal
>arrangements, if you became very seriously ill others could move you
>to the US for suspension, even if you yourself would be quite unable to
>take the required actions. (Seriously ill people are very rarely able
>to do anything for themselves at all ... quite contrary to what we see on
>television or in films. So try to plan so that someone will be there
>for you in such a case. There are also medical signs that someone is
>about to die; such signs are important here, but ultimately anyone
>taking care of you will need several days warning, so that some signs
>come too late).
>In British Columbia these arrangements should not be called "cryonics",
>of course. But it doesn't seem to me that the necessary Powers of
>Attorney and other arrangements need to mention cryonics explicitly.
>You're just setting things up so that you go to Arizona (or wherever)
>before you die. Maybe you like Arizona. Basically it looks to me that
>the last thing you want to do is to make your arrangements public WITHIN
>BC. So long as those to whom you've given the authority to care for
>you all just happen to be cryonicists, such arrangements ought to allow
>you to be suspended --- outside BC.
>Just exactly what will happen in BC in the future I can't say, not just
>because I don't follow BC politics. Some laws eventually become simply
>ignored. I don't know how strongly most citizens of BC agree with BC's
>strictures against cryonics, an important issue if you want to actually
>change the law (probably not likely to succeed soon, but what about
>the situation after the officials who got it passed have left the scene?).
>I would suggest that IF you don't feel you want to leave BC, thinking
>along these lines may give you some protection, at least. And as you get
>older, the probability that you will die more slowly of some disease
>condition rather than suddenly by accident or disease is likely to
>increase. (All this depends on your exact state of health, of which
>I know nothing).
>As for what to do if you are willing to move, even to a different
>Canadian province, I will point out that many areas in the world are
>beautiful, each in their own way. And if you are suspended successfully,
>then the beautiful areas and the ugly areas will all change around,
>and with interplanetary and interstellar travel there will be more
>wilderness rather than less. (Wilderness consists of areas which human
>beings truly do not control --- even now there are few wilderness
>areas left on the Earth). And to be particular: do not expect BC to
>remain beautiful after your revival, even though it is beautiful today.
>We must all learn to enjoy such beauties as they come, rather than holding
>on to them tightly. Beauty itself may go on forever, but those places
>which are beautiful do not remain so indefinitely.
> Best and long long life to all,
> Thomas Donaldson
>Message #11411
>From: "den Otter" <>
>Subject: FYI: Upcoming Transhumanist conferences
>Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 00:33:04 +0100
>Extro 4: Extropy Institute's fourth conference, to be held on August 7-8,
>1999, at Joseph Wood Crutch Theater on the Clark Kerr Campus, University
>of California, Berkeley. The theme is Biotech Futures: Challenges of Life
>Extension and Genetic Engineering.
>For more info, see:
>TransVision '99
>1999, June 4-6. TRANSVISION-99, the second European
>transhumanist gathering. This time it will take place in Stockholm,
>and it will be hosted by the Swedish transhumanist group Aleph.
>More info at http://maxm.normik.dk/tv99/.
>(site still under construction).
>General transhumanist info:
>Message #11412
>From: "Thomas Nord" <>
>Subject: Dangeralarms. Computers. Foamplastics.
>Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 00:17:12 -0000
>One alarm was set off this week our newer healthier computers and screens
>are not so healthy if they arent electrical grounded as folks often use
>at home. I was told the opposite when I bought mine last year and have to
>doublecheck with TCO. Ideas?
>Another one:
>I have suspected a long time Foamplastics is not good for our health, and
>planned to change it all to more natural older materials such as we had
>In a paper for workers-protection now I found it to be true. Researchers
>Gunnar Skarping and Marianne Dalene among 4 others at the dept. for
>chemistry in the university-hospital in Lund Sweden, have tested some 50
>products and came to "alarming results". They worked for multinational
>corps. and was suppoused to keep this a secret since manufacturing has
>changed due to this, but all old is much worse to use for us. When its
>exposed to water or heat or sweat or bodyheat and pressure we will be
>exposed to "toluendiamin (TDA)" as can cause cancer allergies and
>liverdamage. "Against the background of the amount of much skinexposure,
>clarity must be found soon. Exposure must be eliminated or minimized".
>Industrylabs have come to the same conclusion.
>Among other things, Swedish furnituregigant IKEA changed all ironingboards
>due to similar TDI as very harmful from the foamplastics in those.
>I will change it all as soon as possible and tell my friends, then hit the
>alarmclock to save healthcosts and be a gooddoer. Better change my own
>first, otherwise the right material may be hard to find if to many like to
>change. What will you do?
>Many will regard this as fuzz as my other ideas, then they get sick not
>knowing why.
>Otherwise I'm quite happy, live dynamic and go into new issues fading out
>the old ones, drink milk and gain weight as I need, do pretty good money
>every week and need a first long life with my plans so far.
>Mvh/Sincerely Long Life
>Thomas Nord
>Stockholm (Sweden) still with snow and ice for a very long period this year
>so I got used to it.
>Message #11413
>Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 21:12:56 EST
>Subject: Re: Cryonics Trust Option 3.12
>To:  John Bull and others interested in wealth preservation/ cryonics trust
>From:  Rudi Hoffman, cryonics signee and student of wealth development
>Re:  Request for input on cryonics trust e-mail for Immortalist zine
>Dear John, etc.
>Thank you for your inquiry.
>Yes, I want to write about the two best possibilities for the cryonics
>at the current state of our knowledge.  Or my knowledge, anyway.
>First, I refer everyone to the last "Cryonics" magazine, (hard copy, not
>based) and the excellent article by Bill Falloon re: the trust he and Saul
>Kent have in place.  I am in process of trying to reach them about about
>different possibilities of funding and using the trust they already have in
>I am especially interested if one can have this trust as a partial
>on a life insurance policy.
>On a completely alternate track, the rest of this posting deals with the
>"Passport Financial Protective Trust"
>Let me share with you what I am continuing to check out as a "Cryonics and
>Wealth Protection Trust."  There is an offshore trust/ corporation package
>available from Terry Coxen and his associates.  It costs $145 bucks to get
>actual trust application and package, which I have in my hands as I am
>It costs ZERO to check out their web site, but I ordered the physical trust
>application documents to review.  (There is a no risk refund offer, but I
>kept the package because it is exactly what the promo and website
>The package is professionally produced, and shows the reasons that many
>have "offshore trusts."  This particular one is based in Bermuda.  It takes
>1250 dollars  to set up, and can be funded with as little as $5000
>with the hopes that this amount will grow to $50,000 in a reasonable period
>Rather than doing anything less than a thorough job of explaining what this
>trust allegedly can do for you, I think the best thing is for people to go
>their website and view the possibilities for themselves.
>Here it is:
>Their toll free number is 1-800-531-5142.  When I called to order the trust
>kit some time ago I spoke with a very knowledgeable and helpful gentlemen
>the name of John Chandler.
>Mr. Chandler and I spoke at some length regarding the concept of a cryonics
>trust, and how this "passport trust" may be serviceable as a vehicle for
>funding reanimation and/ or being much wealthier upon reanimation.
>Although Mr. Chandler was not initially aware of the cryonics option, he
>very interested in the concept.  He was also rather encouraging regarding
>this offshore trust could be used for the purpose of accumulating and
>protecting wealth from government confiscation, both before and after
>He is going to bring this up to Terry Coxen, whose book, "Keep What You
>is included in the package.  Terry is a bright guy...I am still reading his
>book.  He has also aligned himself with some other luminaries in the field
>investments, newsletter writing and asset protection.
>These "bigwigs" on the cover promotional for this trust package include
>Doug Casey
>Adrian Day
>Harry Brown (Libertarian US presidential candidate 1996 and 2000...I voted
>him last time and I will vote for him again!)
>John Pugsley
>These gentlemen are serious, "non-flakey" business professionals, whose
>careers I have been following through their writings for decades.
>Please do not confuse this offshore trust with the many "off the wall"
>constitutional trusts, and "tax protesting patriot" trusts that I have seen
>offered throughout the years that I have been searching.  These trusts,
>are based in "constitutional law, not statutory law" look like major
>and hassle attractors.
>There is enough controversy in cryonics and funding our future for
>with a direct adversarial position against potential heirs to our cash and
>life insurance proceeds.  Let us not add to this by having a trust document
>that is less than solid and proven in multiple tax court rulings.
>This offshore trust seems solid, with many of my questions asked and
>in a straightforward Q and A in the promo literature and also on the
>Now, the big question:
>Can this trust be set up and then later funded with life insurance?
>This will allow people to fund their trusts with pennies on the dollar!
>like we can currently fund our cryonic suspension affordably with life
>insurance for just pennies on the dollar.  (I own 1.15 plus million dollars
>life insurance on my life.  It is a combination of term and permanent
>insurance that costs me less than 400 per month, for over a MILLION dollar
>free estate!!)
>I therefore encourage people to check this website out on their own.  Make
>your own judgment, and get advice from your attorney, CPA, or dogcatcher.
>Perhaps we can have these twin dreams work:  A reanimation in a wide open
>future with an enormous amount of money to enjoy the best the future holds!
>End copy
>cc Brian Shock at ALCOR
>cc to Cryonet, if i can figure how to do this
>End of CryoNet Digest

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