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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:09:40 +1000
From: Simon Carter <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #11622 Assisted termination
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David Brandt-Erichsen wrote:

> Thomas Nord <> wrote:
> >I recollect Australia is ruled out.
> Yup.  It was legal in the Northern Territories for a few months, but this
> was overruled by the feds.

Dr Nitschke, who practised euthanasia in the NT for those few months, is setting
up a chain of clinics across Australia - I have few details at present and took
the following from the ABC news headlines site:

> Kennett warns Nitschke not to break the law
> Tuesday 27 April, 1999 (3:44pm AEST)
> The Victorian Premier has expressed sympathy for the concept of
> euthanasia but has warned Dr Phillip Nitschke of the legal
> ramifications of establishing a clinic in Victoria.
> Jeff Kennett says the euthanasia campaigner will be closely
> monitored and dealt with if he breaks the law.
> Dr Nitschke says he is seeing 16 patients over the next three days
> at a temporary advice clinic in Richmond and will be available in
> Melbourne every two months.
> Mr Kennett says he should be aware of the risks. 
> "Dr Nitschke runs some very real risks in terms of what he's
> doing at the moment."
> "He is going to be very carefully monitored. It's one thing to
> provide people advice, it is another thing to provide advice that is
> in contravention of the law," Mr Kennett said. 
> "If he is in contravention of the law in anything that he does, then
> the full weight of the law will be brought down upon him."

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