X-Message-Number: 11632
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 06:13:22 -0700
From: David Brandt-Erichsen <>
Subject: Re: Assisted termination

Simon Carter <> wrote:

>Dr Nitschke, who practised euthanasia in the NT for those few months, is 
>setting up a chain of clinics across Australia - 

Yes, but this is of no use for cryonics.  Dr. Nitschke is a pioneer like
Dr. Kevorkian (except not as civil disobedient), but cryonicists could
never go to Dr. Kevorkian (even before he was in jail).

For assisted termination to be of any use for cryonics, the law must be

Thomas Nord <> wrote:

>Switzerland is not known much for this as Holland. 

>If Oregon doesn't work, a team standby may be an idea over here, or don't
>they like it with foreigners in these 2?

I think in Holland it is not available for foreigners, but I'm not certain.
 I don't know about Switzerland, but I figure there is the same problem
there also.

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